HighRise Challenge By Nathaniel


Objective- To accumulate the most points in 3 attempts of the High Rise Challenge by stacking the same color blocks up.

Critera- Robot must fit into the 30 cm^3 Dimesions box to be eligible to complete. Each member of the team must record atleast one attempt in the challenge.

Rules- All robots must start with the back of the robot touching the back of the competition field. Blocks must be completely in the scoring zone to be counted. Only like colored stacks will be counted.

Scoring- Any block in the scoring zone is 1 point. Stacks of like colors- 1st block is 10 points, 2nd block is 20 points, 3rd block is 30 points, and so on.

Day 1 (1/25/17)

Think- Today I think me and Trevor will research and make some prototypes for our High Rise Challenge robot. I was thinking we could try to do something like a claw on a 4 or 6 bar lift. We could also use omni-wheels for our robot to move side to side.

Day 2 (1/26/17)

Think- Today we think we will try to hook the 4 bar lift that we created yesterday to our robot. We will probably also hook up the wires so it will work with the controller. Hopefully we ca get omni wheels but we think that wont be possible.

Do- We did everything that we said that we would want to do in our think. Progress is good.

Day 3 (1/27/17)

Think- Today we thin we will make a second arm so the claw is more stable with picking up blocks. We will also need to go make the motors move quite a bit slower so we have more control.

Do- We realized that would go over the build limit s we made our arms shorter so it would fit into the box. We also started making another arm so it will make the claw more sturdy

Day 4 (1/30/17)

Think- Today we think we will finish the second arm that we started last Friday (1/27/17). Hopefully it will be enough to lift the claw up. Everything should be functional very soon.

Do- We built the second arm but it is not completely functional. Hopefully we can finish everything by tomorrow.

Day 5 (1/31/17)

Think- Today we will try to finish everything for our robot including our claw. Competition day coming up fast and we need a completed robot. If we finish we will practice on the competition field hopefully.

Do- We almost finished everything that we wanted to finish. All we need to do is to find a way to connect the claw to the robot securely.

Day 6 (2/1/17)

Think- Today we think that we will find a way to connect the claw to the robot. Once we do that we will probably go the tthe competition field to practice.

Do- We realized that our arm idea was not strong enough so we decided to work on some thing else. Instead of 2 arms we made one arm that can hopefully lift blocks.

Day 7 (2/2/17)

Think- Today we will try to make the compartment in the back so it can hold at least one block. We will also make our robot be able to push blocks easily by making a dulldoser pusher.

Do- We finished the whole robot and its working great. Tomorrow we might need to make a new claw so its stronger and more reliable.

Day 8 (1/3/17)

Think- Today is the last day to motifiy our robot before competition. We plan on making a new claw to pick up blocks easier. Then we will test our robot in the competition field.

Do-Today we finished everything for our robot that needed to be done. After that we tested our robot and it stacks blocks great.

Day 9 (1/6/17)

Think- Today is competition day! Me and Trevor have some good stratigies for our robot. Hopefully we can get first place!

Do- Today we didn't do as well as we would have wanted to do. We got 12 points and ended up in 3rd place.

Day 10 (1/7/17)

Think- Today is the second day of competition day! I will be driving this time. Hopefully we can score a good amount of points!

Do- We did really well today! I scored 30 points for our team and that puts us into 2nd place!

Final Results!


Competition results- First place went to Grant and Nolan. They had a robot completely made straight from claw to instructuctions. I think they won because they had really good drivers. Second place went to Carson and Preston- they had a modified clawbot with a really long arm. Like first place drivers Preston was very good at driving. Third place went to Hudson and Tanner. They also had a modified clawbot that worked really good. They beat us by one point for third place.

Team Results

Out of 9 teams we placed forth. We had many struggles with our controller which kept getting stuck, especially the joysticks. The first place team had a really good driver and that helped them alot even though they had a regular claw bot built straight from directions. I wish we had a better controller to make it easier to drive. We also didn't really have the amount of time that we would've wanted to practice. Although we had some struggles we also had some good successes. We had a good arm mechanism that could ift blocks up easily. We also had a back compartment that sucessfully carried blocks. Another good mortified thing that we added to the robot was the bulldozer pusher in the front that lets you push blocks easily. Overall I think we did pretty good with the time that we were given!

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