STAR WARS: The Empires Fearless Army [Legends] By joel h


Destruction of the First DEATH STAR

The Galactic Empire was hoping that the destruction of the first DEATH STAR would not cripple their operations. 14 select TIE Fighter pilots were selected to try out the Empire's newest starfighters. These pilots were selected from those who took place in and survived the Battle of Yavin, (When the rebels destroyed the first death star) and were made into Alpha Squadron. The commander was very harsh to his squadron, only expecting the best. Focusing on completing attacks is one swift swipe, making his pilots suffer through endless strife runs with other pilots dying left and right. That would come back to get him, though.



¨Alpha Squadron: State your Identifications.”

“Alpha 2 In position”

“Alpha 3 In position”

“Alpha 13 In position”

“Alpha 5 In position”

“Alpha 7 In position”

All of the night shift fighters in the Alpha Squadron were ready to go in their new TIE Interceptors and TIE Bombers. Leader of Alpha Squadron himself was happy and excited to try out these new fighters, but he had to remain serious under Imperial Control. He was actually a bit too serious and strict.

TIE Bomber TIE Interceptor

“Those in TIE Bombers, Take off on my mark… GO!”

And there went Alpha 2, Alpha 13 and Alpha 5, on their usual patrol route, but in fancy new fighters. TIE Bombers were starfighters used by the Galactic Empire.

“These things can’t maneuver very well” said Alpha 13 over the comms.

“Yea, the speed isn't the best either” said Alpha 5. Both of those statements were true; TIE Bombers had a new control system that did not allow them to make even 45 degree turns.

“But you can’t beat dropping Proton Torpedoes onto the surface of Sullust!” said Alpha 2 while pressing the ‘Proton Drop’ Button. Two bright red balls of pure plasma energy came from the missile chute, and then landed on the surface of the lava planet in a small puff of ash.

“Well, that's true!” exclaimed Alpha 5 as he also, dropped some torpedoes on the planet.

Meanwhile the Leader of Alpha Squadron sent out the TIE Interceptors.

“All others… GO!”

And they were off. The fast moving, very maneuverable TIE Interceptors following the same path as the TIE Bombers, on their patrol.

“Alright same center controls on Interceptors and normal Fighters, except the missile button is switched out for a laser barrage which can be on for 5 seconds at a time, and increases the firepower of your laser cannons. Activate and shoot as normal.” the commander informed.

“Roger that, opening fire, I’m going to see what we can to to the ground” said Alpha 3

The laser barrage shot hit the ground, and made a small crater in the ash.

“Woah! Thats amazing!” screamed Alpha 3 over the comms.

“Let me try!” said Alpha 7

And there want another couple shots into the ground, this time from Alpha 7’s starfighter.

“That is so astonishing! How do they make it so powerful?”

“Secret recipe of an extra dose of tibanna gas. That is why you can only have it active for 5 seconds; it runs out quickly.” said the commander.

Tibanna gas is used to make blasters fire. By adding more, the lasers become more powerful, creating an effect that makes them more explosive. The word Barrage is used because of the MPL-57 ‘Barrage’ model (MPL for Multi-Propose Launcher) that shoots out 3 barrage shells that explode in a similar pattern to a laser barrage shot hitting the ground.

“Alright, let’s catch up with the TIE Bombers. Speed boost until 100 meters away, slow down to seven eighths speed at 75 meters, and slow to three fourths speed at 25 meters, and stay at that speed behind them.”

“Roger that” said Alpha 7. He sounded disappointed.

“Roger that” said Alpha 3. He sounded disappointed to.

“What's the problem?” Exclaimed the commander, “Aren’t you trained to follow orders without complaining?”

Alpha 3 inhaled and then replied, “Yes commander.”

“Alpha 7?” asked the commander. There was a small awkward silence.

“Yes.” replied Alpha 7 with a sigh.

The Interceptor pilots caught up to the TIE Bombers, but little did they know they were about to face a small threat. However, it was something they had not seen since the Battle of Yavin. A rebel fighter.



“Alright we're caught up to you!” said Alpha 3, who was excited to see if the commander would let them use their weapons again.

“Roger that” said Alpha 13, who was also eager to try out the Bomber’s other abilities.

Obviously, the commander didn’t let them test the weaponry again.

“Wait, what’s that sound” asked the commander, who seemed worried for the first time ever.

Off in the distance the TIE Pilots could hear a soft boom, and then a low pitched sound, followed by the very distinguishable sound of a rebel starfighter. An A-Wing was on their backs.

A-Wing Starfighter

“Rebel A-Wing, on our six!” exclaimed Alpha 3, who sounded like he was about to crash his ship into the ground. Somehow, one rebel fighter scared Alpha 3. Just imagine him in battle.

“Roger, Turning around now.” said Alpha 7, who sounded as serious as stone.

The pilots all followed Alpha 7’s lead and opened fire on the rebel ship. Unfortunately for them, it had its deflector shield on so no blaster could hit it. The Interceptor pilots all activated their laser barrages, but not even that could pierce a deflector shield.

“I have an idea.” said Alpha 2, “I will pull up and then shoot a missile out of my bombing chute. It should lock on and hit, breaking through the shield and then you guys and shoot it the rest of the way down”

“Roger that” said the commander. He wasn’t worried about a thing now.

Alpha 2 pulled up, doing a 180, and at the same time fired one of his ION missiles. He was now upside down, so he did a barrel roll. The missile locked on, but the pilot of the A-Wing dodged the missile using a barrel roll himself.

“It didn’t hit!” yelled Alpha 5, “It didn’t hit!”

At this time the A-Wing put out its landing gear, and landed on a landing platform close to where it was. The pilot got out of the craft, and then ran for cover. Both of the TIE Bombers that were still facing the right way diverged to the right to drop orbital strike bolts on the A-Wing. They successfully destroyed it!

Then all of a sudden, a fast moving flash of green plasma energy hit Alpha 3’s wing. The man from the A-Wing was the one who shot, no doubt.

“I’m hit! I’m hit” screamed Alpha 3.

He landed his Interceptor, but just barely. He took off his flight gear, and put on his cloaking device. He had transformed into a shadow trooper. He grabbed one of the emergency blasters from the TIE, and opened the hatch on top of the fighter.

E-11 Blaster Rifle
T-21 Heavy Blaster
T-21B Targeting Rifle

He jumped out and started looking around through the scope of his E-11 blaster rifle. He choose the E-11 because it was a good all around blaster. This TIE Vehicle was also equipped with a T-21 heavy blaster, and modifiable parts including a scope and Semi-Automatic barrel attachment to make it the T-21B Targeting Rifle for long range engagements, and a Thermal Detonator.

Thermal Detenator

“Alpha 3 has landed successfully.” said the commander, “Open fire on the one who shot at him.”

And off the pilots went, opening fire on the one who hit Alpha 3. Little did they know, this A-Wing pilot was the one who would help in the destruction of the second Death Star and Star Killer base. He would survive both of these missions.



The pilots in TIE Bombers successfully hit and destroyed the person’s A-Wing. Alpha 3, (who was on the ground), would soon find out that the person was not a person. He was a Sullustan.

“Commander,” whispered Alpha 3, “I have sights on the rebel. He is a Sullustan, probably used to work at Sorosuub. Orange body glove, black vest. Has a DLT-20A, or Pulse Cannon in his hands, DH-17 as a sidearm.”

DH-17 Blaster Pistol
The Rebel: Nien Nunb

“Well, open fire!” said the commander, who was angry that one of the brand new fighters was damaged, “Take aim, and don’t miss!”

“I need more troops,” said Alpha 3, “Send a squad of troops to landing pad, um, Aurek Grek Besh, and tell them go and unload the containers. When they start that, I will fire, and they should join in.”

“Oh, alright, I understand” said the commander, who seemed disappointed, but happy at the same time. The commander wanted Alpha 3 to kill this man alone, but he was happy he was smart enough to ask for help.

“Control, this is Alpha commander.” said the commander, through the comms to control, “I am requesting that a squad go to landing platform Aurek Grek Besh and help out a shadow trooper who was flying a TIE Interceptor, and was then hit. He landed safely, but we suspect someone from the Rebel Alliance is down there.”

Landing Platforms on Sullust

“Control to Alpha commander, sending a squad up now”

“Roger that. Alpha Squadron, fly out and go for a strafe run on the rebel scum!”

“Roger over” said Alpha 7, 13, 2, and 5 simultaneously.

The TIE Bombers, (Alpha 2, Alpha 13 and Alpha 5), went out for about 200 meters, then came around to drop ION Missiles on the Sullustan. The TIE Interceptors (Alpha commander, and Alpha 7) went out 300 meters and then turned around to fire their laser cannons at him. Their first strafe wasn’t done by the time the troopers got up there.

“Alright, Charlie squad,” said Alpha 3, “Fire!”

Alpha 3 deactivated the cloaking device, and of course the storm troopers opened fire, and well, missed every shot. Alpha 3 hit the Sullustan, but he ran for cover when the alien pulled out his DH-17 blaster pistol.

“He has out a DH-17! That thing is fully automatic!” yelled Alpha 3 into his mic. “What should I do?”

At this time the sullustan was constructing a very basic turret. He placed it down, and it locked onto the squad of stormtroopers, and fired. None of the troopers survived.

Basic Infantry Turret

“Well,” said the commander, “You should wait around there. I’m afraid that the squad of stormtroopers was completely wiped. We will get a Star Destroyer to pick us up and fire on the rebel.”

“Alright, I will try and hold on” said Alpha 3, who sounded very scared, “I've got a really bad feeling about this”

That was not even comparable to what they would witness it a little while.



Conveniently, a Star Destroyer was coming out of Hyperspace at that moment, and would be directly above where they all were.

Star Destroyer on Sullust

“Star Destroyer is almost here,” said the commander. He was talking very fast, “Hold on a little longer.”

“Ok.” said Alpha 3

“Alpha 3?”


“This is Alpha 2. I have my shields on, I will pick you up”


Alpha 2 want down, and picked up Alpha 3. Just then the Star Destroyer pulled in from the Hoth System.

“Alright, pull up to the Star Destroyer.

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