Saving The Great Barrier Reef A contemporary Issue


I have learned a lot about the Great Barrier Reef, the issues that it is facing and how important the preservation of it is. In my research I have learned about the biology of coral and how it is at risk because of mankind's effect on the environment. I did not realise how many organisations and projects there are to try to halt the damage and to try to find ways to save the reef. I was particularly interested in a project called CotsBot where a robot helps to keep the marine population of Crown-of-Thorns starfish under control. It sparked my interest because I'm a fan of robots and have some experience with them as I have done robotics club at school. I now have expanded my knowledge of Photoshop, Thinglink and Adobe Spark.

Things that I did well were my Research as I found this of particular interest and the Photoshop which was very enjoyable using it for the first time. IĀ also was successful in in organising the time required to complete this task. One thing I would do differently is to read the task fully, as I didn't realise there was a speech involved in the assignment or a reflection scaffold! I needed some help composing my visual text and writing my written text. I have learned about the different forms of persuasive techniques like Evidence, Images and Expert Opinions and how to use them. I have also learned how to draw attention to critical parts of visual text through the use of colour and choice of font I have also learnt about the persuasive techniques that are employed in advertisements.


Great Barrier Reef

Budd, CB Clint_Budd 2015, Great Barrier Reef, Photograph, Flickr, accessed 11 March 2017, <>.


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