Hi. I am Fed March.

I am the founder of FedMarch.com and MJ Social.com, and I taught hundreds of professionals and entrepreneurs how to maximise their return on investments and sell out their events with social media marketing.

I work alongside our social media marketing agency, MJ Social, work and breath marketing every day with a passion, but I haven't always had it all figured out!

My story starts in that "Bel Paese" that is Italy.

Back in 2009, I was an enthusiastic post-graduate professional with 10 years of experience in hospitality, a double degree in Languages and Marketing for Tourism, big ideas and the eagerness to rock the world.

I worked and loved my receptionist job in a historical hotel downtown, and was working my way into an English teaching job.

I had just moved in with my now husband (but then boyfriend) Wouter, and I was on the top of my game, life was hard, and challenging, and rewarding, and simply awesome!

Then the GFC happened, and it all changed.

The education system crumbled, and the Government blocked the licencing system for new graduate teachers, which meant I could not get my final certification and no longer become a teacher as I planned for years.

The local economy felt the pinch of the GFC and tourism started to decline considerably, causing many to lose their jobs. My own job became at risk, and the same went for my boyfriend.

It's around this time that I launch my first entrepreneurial project, HelpHoliday.net, an online travel agency for busy professionals who didn't have time to spend hours in a traditional travel agency to book their holiday.

The concept back then was good but my budget to promote it was tight, social media and its marketing tools definitively were not where they are today, and the project failed. I learnt my first starup lessons and moved on.

After much reflection on what to do in an economy that was going worse and worse, Wouter and I packed our things and moved to Australia.

Here is me after 2 days on a plane to get there.

Once arrived in Sydney, we immediately get busy settling and working hard to make a living. After lots of searching we manage to find jobs in our field and eventually get offered a sponsor visa to stay, and move to sunny Perth. Yeah baby!

It is in this new city that I land the job of my dreams and I start to work in Marketing and Events, organizing and promoting trade shows all over Australia.

After 3 years, I once again feel at the top of my game.

My job keeps me super busy and gets me huge satisfactions, I start to save some cash at the end of each month, I manage to buy a new car and to get married to the love of my life in a castle, just like a princess.

Now this is unrelated but I am totally going to show you a photo of the wedding, because it was a dream coming true!

Then another halt came along.

The local economy, after booming for a zillion years (22 to be exact) started to decline here too, and it was no joke.

In just a year Perth has lost more than 25,000 jobs.

Big businesses restructured, outsourced more jobs offshore, and my job went along with others to some dude or gal in Dubai.

I felt pretty crushed because for the second time in just a few years, I had worked my butt off only to be laid off without too many regards (or that is how I felt about it).

This time I promised myself I would not let it happen again, because I would take my life in my own hand!

So I took pen and paper, made a solid SWAT analysis of my skillset, and after a thorough research, I went in business for myself with MJ Social, as a social media marketing agency.

That was back in early 2015, and I remember the very moment I designed the branding with a friend in my very bedroom. It felt so empowering!

Fast forward 3 years and we are here today.

MJ Social is not only still alive (take that, 98% startup failure rate statistics), but in profit and growing, with a range of services that spaces from agency format, coaching, event marketing, and social media marketing training, and close to 100 clients across Australia.

Now, I would like to help YOU selling out using social media marketing and advertising.

If you are interested in learning how to generate leads using social media, for your own business, for a client, or for your boss...

I suggest you download my FREE $200K+ case study.

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