Love thy Self 2017 - "Love thy Self"

More and more I am feeling the inspiration to go deeper into the subtle arts. The clarity and willingness to do what must be done for even greater Victory. I come to see how my Self's perceptions must be cleansed even more, such that the goal, of constant groundedness and good relation with the Earth plane, is in bright expansion.

All throughout the day, I am invoking Love for my Self. It is a blessed thing, for it is the action of first feeling the Love, for the Self and the human condition in acceptance, and then sending it through the pours, through the body, with the intention of healing and disturbances within.

It is a delicate and real process, where the technique is releasing the grip one has on identification with the Self, and administering the healing from that space. TO do this is to go deeper into the embodied arts, which I promised myself I would do once the Mythica was wrought.

I breathe in the Love, allowing the energies to move through me, permeating my cells. The touch is light, the relationship with the Self one of kindness. Repeatedly I focus attentions entirely on my Self, as I would a beloved.

Coming down the Path, I feel as though I have made real progress. A warm, yet soft feeling arises in my chest. As it does, I continue to pour Love into my Self, deepening the spell.

I feel such is the deepening of the vibrational tones of healing that I have been cultivating all this time. A clarity that comes from addressing the fundamental resistance to Earth that has caused much distortion. Of Loving the Self, actively accepting the nature of mortal life.

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