Eureka Stockade By Kingston Kahotea

Who led the Eureka Stockade? It was Peter Lalor he was the only person loyal enough to lead Eureka Stockade. He was voted for president for Eureka Stockade.
What did the Eureka Stockade face (as in overcoming challenges)? There was a Eureka massacre and they were to fight for their rights as if they were in an actual war. Another problem was that some people were defacing the Southern Cross flag (Eureka Stockade flag) but some people wanted to put up the flag because it meant a sign to them (the people who liked the flag).
How did the Eureka Stockade start and end? The battle of the Eureka Stockade,by which the rebellion is popularly known,was fought between miners and the colonial forces of Australia on 3 December 1854. At Eureka they lead and named for Stockade structure erected by miners during the conflicted, it then started in 22 June 1854 and ended in 27 March 1855.
The goldfields population. Between 1851 - 1860, an estimated 300,000 people came to the Australia colonies mostly for the gold from the gold mines. England and New South Wales were the main colonies coming over and they also brang some other colonies including Scotland with 100,000 people and 84,000 people from Ireland.Gold seekers from Germany, Italy and North America also made the journey to Australia to seek for gold. Just over 5,000 people, New Zealand and other South Pacific nations and there were at least 42,000 Chinese people also arrived in Australia during the 1850's gold rushes.
Law an order was crucial back then (for Eureka Stockade) if you wanted to go on the goldfields you need a license.If you got caught without a license on the goldfields you would get punished . The gold commission police force which was later reinforced by a garrison of soldiers.
Aboriginal people were also presented in many capacities: as native police, guides , wives and gold diggers, as well as trading cultural items and food, women on the gold fields were assisted by Caroline Chrisholm.
The Eureka rebellion is considered by some historians to be the birth place of Australian democracy. It is the only Australian example of armed rebellion leading to reform of unfair laws. The Southern Cross flag has been used as a symbol of protest by organisations and individuals at both ends of the political spectrum.
Eureka should be marked as Australia's national day because of the great sacrifices people made for our country and others sacrificing their lives for there own family. They also sacrificed for other families and that's why the Southern Cross flag was made to represent the sacrifices.
From the early 1850 this was a law and was lucky enough to even be a law, this went on forever and it was the land purchasing that they couldn't get right away. They had to let notice and pay first before anything else happens. Hopefully coming to the Victorian goldfields were required to pay high fees for mining licences and were ill-treated and harassed by the authorities who were meant to protect them. The government dismissed the complaints of this itinerant population, who had no vote and couldn't buy land.
The start of Eureka Stockade (so he orders weekly licensing hunts in the attempt to increase the colonies income.)
One of the main events of Eureka Stockade (James Bentley was charged with James Scobies murder).
One of the main events for the Eureka Stockade
The biggest main event (it was a massacre)
The end of Eureka Stockade
The future after many years the Eureka Stockade flag was permanently put up as sign of the great great sacrifices people made and it should be marked as Australia's national day. So the past was very uncomfortable for people back then because they had to fight for there rights and had to go through certain things.Unlike now (A few years later) it's been easier now but back it was to uncomfortable for Eureka Stockade they didn't have what we have today.
Hope you liked my presentation thanks for listening from Kingston Kahotea!.

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