Teacher Connect Connecting Classrooms in CCISD

Virginia Becker (Webb E.S.) and Valerie Cantu (Mireles E.S.) connect, collaborate, and share presentations on a weekly basis.

Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

Teachers across the district have started on the path to expand commuicaion and collaboration with Teacher Connect. Teachers at all grade levels are working wth other teachers and staff to prepare lessons and embrace technology. Technolog is the essential tool used to improve student engagement in the 21st century.

teacher connect

Being a PARTICIPATING teacher provides you with the opportunity by networking and collaborating with educators who teach the same grade level and subject. A participating teacher will have the opportunity to add new teaching strategies to the classroom.

Being a CONTRIBUTING teacher is defined as a specialist on specific TEKS or strateges and shares with other teacheers who need ideas or support. A contributing teacher shares how to address skills or concepts and collaborates with others.

webcams in the classroom?

It's Transformational Learning-the days of classroom space being confined to four walls continues to change through technology innovation. Tools, such as Microsoft Skype for Business allows teachers to connect with other educators within their campus, district an even globally.

Once connected...teachers will use Teacher Connect to collaborate with other teachers, and provide students with endless opportunities without leaving the classroom.


  • Contact your principal and discuss participation in Teacher Connect.
  • Meet as a grade level and discuss the advantages of webcams in the classroom a a teaching tool.
  • Contact the Office of Instructional Technology and start the process for inclusion: webcam, software training, and classroom integration.

Request "Skype for Business," Software through the Help Desk

Please place a technology work order through the technology help desk. Include that you are part of Teacher Connect and need to have Skype for Business software downloaded onto your desktop/laptop (whichever device you will use to deliver instruction). Remember to include the PC Name.

Once you have the software and hardware installed, then you can start, “connecting!”

please join google classroom

join code: 4gdvjac

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