First Apartment By: kelsey sidman

I am buying my first apartment in New York City. It will be a big apartment and very modern. I will have one or two roommates who will be my friends with the same career as ,us.ef, a broadway performer. We would be paid $1 million a year.

Safety Rules:

1. Don't cross contaminate

2. Cut away from yourself

3. Make sure your knifes are sharp before using

4. Use oven mits

5. When cutting, curl your fingers

6. Stay in the kitchen while cooking

7. Use a cutting board

8. Put a damp paper towel under a cutting board when using

9. Close drawers while in the kitchen

10. Put up your hair

Blender- I would use this to chop up fruit and add yogurt and milk to make smoothies for a few breakfasts.

Broiler/grill- I would cook steaks and chickens for my roommate and I.

Electric mixer- I would use this to mix Cookie batter for myself and my roommate to enjoy after dinner.

Toaster oven- I would use this to cook roast for breakfast.

Rice cooker/steamer- I would use this to steam rice to have as a side dish for dinners.

Pots- I would use pots all the time in the kitchen for cooking stovetop foods like pasta, my favorite!

Saucepan- I would use a saucepan to cook different kinds of sauce to put on pasta.

Skillet- I would use a skillet to cook fish for a healthy dinner.

Steamer- I would use this to stea, different veggies so they are tasty.

Stock pot- I would use this to cook different kinds of soups and stews for cold days in the winter months.

Loaf pan- I would use this to make some yummy banana bread or other types of quick breads for snacks, sides for dinner or dessert.

Cake pan- I would use this to bake cakes for birthday events or just for a tasty dessert.

Roasting pan- I would use this to make an entrée of some kind of meet like turkey.

Baking sheet- I would use this to make different types of desserts.

Cookie sheet- I would use this to make different types of cookies for snacks to have around the apartment.

Bread knife- I would use this to cut bread and to cut softer types of food.

Slicing knife- I would use thus to slice vegetables for a side for dinner.

Chef knife- I would use this to cut different types of meat.

Paring knife- I would use a paring knife to peel vegetables.

Pizza wheel- I would use a pizza wheel to cut pizza into eighths.

Wire whisk- I would use a wire whisk to beat eggs that a recipe calls for.

Rotary beater- I would use this to whip cream to make some homemade whip crew, to put on strawberries.

Sifter- I would use this to mix my dry ingridients precisely.

Scrapers- I would use this to scrape food from pans when dishwashing.

Kitchen aid- I would use a kitchen aid to mix my batters easier since they mix ingridients together very fast.

Turner- I would use this to flip my pancakes when we eat them for breakfast.

Tongs- I would use tongs to lift us pieces of meat from the pan to the serving plate without getting the meat dirty and or burning my hand.

Ladle- I would use a ladle to scoop soup into a bowl easier than using a spoon.

Wire cooling rack- I would use this almost every time I bake something. When the food is done I would put it on a cooling rack to cool to an appropriate eating temperature.

Pot holders and oven mitts- I would use these to take things out of the oven without burning my hands.

Mixing bowl- I would use a mixing bowl when making food like cookies to out all my ingridients in for mixing.

Plastic container- I would use this for when we are done eating to put the leftovers on.

Dish towel- I would use a dish towel to wipe off my hands after washing them to make sure all the germs are wiped away before beginning to cook or bake.

Dish drainer- I would use a dish drainer to drain all the food I wash off of my dishes.

Mug- I would use a mug to hold to have coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Glass cup- I would use a glass cup to have my drinks in with or without meals.

Tea kettle- I would use a tea kettle to make hot drinks in.

Dish and hand soap- I would use dish and hand soap to wash my hands before cooking or baking.

Serving plate- I would use a serving plate to serve food properly.

Flour/sugar holder- I would use these holders so they are easy access and are sealed when the flour or sugar aren't being used.

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