Pow Town Matthew Pulsipher

Pow Town is the ultimate town for those shredders out there that want to push the boundaries of skiing. From park to pow we have got it for all you shredders, so face it, Pow Town is literally a skiers dream.


Our mission in skiing is to bring absolute full send to all those skiers out there. There aren't enough pow days at regular resorts for people to be doing that all the time. so we brought the pow to you, so that way everyday is full send day.


The Rules

  • When you can send, send
  • Never shred anything that has more than 50% chance of death (we want you alive)
  • Everyone helps everyone
  • Everyone skis with a buddy
  • Always shred whatever looks gnarly
  • Everyone is friends
  • Do nothing but improve while skiing (failing is good)
  • Track out as much powder as possible
  • No groomed runs besides cat tracks
  • Best skiers are tournament judges every to years
A Local's average Day: am 8:00-10:00 Wake up, Eat breakfast 10:00-12:30 Ski (be sending) pm 12:30-2:00 Get lunch at the lodge 2:00-6:00 Ski (full send) 6:00-7:30 Dinner time 7:30-10:00 Hang out, watch tv/ a movie, play games, go to bed.

Those that would like to join must be a legal citizen of Canada. Must be over the age of 18 if you wish to live on your own. Those 18 and under must live with a legal guardian. You must be regularly fit and healthy (If unhealthy or have health problems you will not be accepted) and as part of our community we prohibit drugs. When part of the community and violations of the rules of our community and/or of the Canadian government you will be kicked from the community.

Because we are located in British Columbia, Canada, those part of the community must follow the rules and laws of the Canadian government.

Created By
Matthew Pulsipher


Created with images by NicolasFriedli - "mountain snow clouds" • Couleur - "winter white cold" • Hans - "skiing departure wag" • Zach Dischner - "Steeps" • Andre Charland - "@corykeefer "I'm Cory from Canmore and I love the coast!" Up the Duffey! #pillows #powder #ski" • Heikki Rauhala - "Satu Brusonin taikametsässä" • kcxd - "The day today" • kcxd - "Powder above Dave Murray" • Andre Charland - "web212lcross"

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