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In 1492, Spain sent an Italian explorer Christopher Columbus to see if he could reach the Indies going West to gain silk and other nice items. When he was on his way going West he discovered a great big patch of land that he called the New World. The New World would later turn out to be America. Once he reported back to Spain that there was a great patch of land going to the Indies, tons of explorers everywhere went to explore the new world. This belongs on why America started because of how if Christopher Columbus didn't make the adventure West, a lot of the things that happened in America's history wouldn't have happened.

In 1607 Jamestown was the first successful British colony. A company called the Virginia Company paid for the expedition to Jamestown. When the British arrived at Jamestown they were not working hard enough so John Smith became the chief of Jamestown. John Smith was tough and demanding. He ordered people to do their work if they weren't working hard enough or didn't work for a long time. Jamestown was also popular because you could grow really good tobacco there. John Rolfe knew how to make the best tobacco in Jamestown. This belongs on why America started because it was the first successful British colony and if the British failed they would have given up on making colonies in the New World.

This is what Jamestown looked like.
This is John Smith.

In 1776 the Declaration of Independence was wrote and signed by the Continental Congress. Congress met for the 2nd time because they were fighting England in the Revolutionary War. America was fighting England because of the taxes they made and because they wanted to be Independent from England. Some members of Congress were Patrick Henry, George Washington, John Hancock, John Adams, and Ben Franklin.The people who wrote the Declaration were Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Ben Franklin, Robert Livingston, Roger Sherman. John Adams wrote to his wife that the Declaration of Independence was going to be signed on July 2nd but it was really signed on July 4th. This belongs on why America started because if we didn't write our Declaration of Independence we wouldn't have had the courage to fight England in the Revolutionary War and beat them.

A copy of the Declaration of Independence.
This is a photo of the people who wrote the Declaration of Independence.

In 1803 Thomas Jefferson sent Robert Livingston and James Monroe to France to buy New Orleans and West Florida. When Robert Livingston and James Monroe got to France they offered $10,000,000 for New Orleans and West Florida. After Robert Livingston and James Monroe offered the deal France made a counter offer $15,000,000 for New Orleans, West Florida, and the Louisiana territory. Since Thomas Jefferson said they could only use $10,000,00 Robert and James had to go ask Thomas Jefferson if the deal was okay. Thomas Jefferson said yes so France and America made the deal. This deal that we made with France is the Louisiana Purchase. This belongs in why America started because when we bought the Louisiana Purchase from France it doubled the size of our country.

This is the French flag.

This is Thomas Jefferson.

In 1812 America and Britain went back to war because the British were still in forts from the Revolutionary war, they were impressinating our sailors, and they were teaming up with the Indians shooting at the people moving westward. In Washington D.C. the British destroyed buildings such as the White house and the Library of Congress. The final battle of the war of 1812 was the battle of New Orleans. General Andrew Jackson and his sharpshooters beat the British in less than 2 hours. The treaty that ended the war was the treaty of Ghent. This is on why America started because the British finally agreed to get off America's turf and it made them a nation that can not be messed with.


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