Eclipses by emma keck

There are two types of eclipses. There is a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse. They are very different from each other and have different affects.

A lunar eclipse is when the moon goes behind Earth and it casts a shadow on the moon making it look red.

A solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun making the sky dark and blocking the sun.

Let's review a little. A total lunar eclipse happens when the umbra, which is the Earth casting an opaque shadow on the moon, makes it look red. A partial lunar eclipse is when the moon passes through the penumbra which is when the Earth casts more of a translucent shadow on the moon. A total solar eclipse will cover the whole sun, but a partial solar eclipse will only cover part of the sun. There are so many differences between solar and lunar eclipses. Hopefully now you know them.

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Emma Keck


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