Habits of Mind By Sophie Petrack and Mackenzie Gleeson

Habits of Mind

  1. Question and Posing Problems
  2. Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision
  3. Remaining Open to Continous Learning
  4. Appplying Past Knowledge to New Situations
  5. Managing Impulsively
  6. Finding Humour
  7. Striving for Accuracy
  8. Taking Respinsible Risks
  9. Thinking Interdependently
  10. Responding with Wonderment and Awe
  11. Gather Data Through All Senses
  12. Creating, Imagining And Innovating
  13. Thinking about your Thinking - Metacognition
  14. Listening with Understanding and Empathy
  15. Persisting
  16. Thinking Flexibly

The following demonstrates how 6 of these Habits of Mind are used in a particular persons successful career.


Adele Laurie Blue Adkins

Adele Adkins was born in Tottenham, North London, on may 5, 1988. Her mother is Penny Adkins.

She attended BRIT school for Performing Arts and Technology.

She is now an admired and well known artist for her first two albums 19 and 21. Millions of copies of these albums were sold world wide and she won multiple Grammy awards.

She then release another album in 2015 named 25. This was also a world wide success ranking number one on iTunes across 110 countries. Adele released all albums with XL recordings.

Within a week Adele's album 25 had sold 3.38 million copies in the U.S alone.

Striving for Accuracy

Striving for Accuracy is the act of aiming for the best restult and settling for nothing less. Checking your work again or trying again until it's right and completed to the best of your ability.

On the 13th of February 2017, Adele was sing at the Grammys. Her performance was dedicated to George Michael. When she mucked up the song she demanded to restart the song.

She started of the tribute by signing Hello with no fault but a minute into George Michael's Fast Love, she stopped, dissatisfied with how her song was going. The singer was upset after the mishap and swore live on TV. She quickly apologised and started the song again with a great result.

This performance shows that Adele was determined for the song to be perfect for George. It shows that she strives for accuracy and settles for nothing but her best.

Listening with Understanding and Empathy

This habit of mind is the act of listening attentively to others and having the ability to understand others. Through this one shows empathy and selflessness.

At the 2017 Grammys, Adele received album of the year for 25.

In a tearful acceptance speech, Adele talked about how she, "couldn't possible accept," the award for album of the year because Beyoncé's Lemonade was "so monumental, so well thought out and soul bearing".

This shows that Adele really doesn't think about herself and appreciates others for what they do for her. How they empower her and her friends.

She also shows empathy and selflessness through the fact that she does her tours only for her fans. (See video at end of slide).

Finding Humour

Finding Humour is an important habit of mind. It allows people to lighten the mood and laugh a little. This can evoke a positive mind set which is vital to success in an endeavour.

Adele often finds humour and has a laugh at things. She aims to stay grounded even with her career taking off and is able to laugh at herself which is important. In one interview she states that although her songs are often about heart brake she is generally a happy person. After these tough times she is able to bounce back. The ability to find humour puts one in this positive mind set so that they are able to laugh at themselves, bounce back and not be too serious. This is an important skill and Adele uses this very well in her life. She says her friend have played a major role in keeping her grounded and having a laugh with her.

Creating, Imagining and Innovating.

Creating, imagining and innovating is the accomplishment of being a unique person that thinks and creates in an interesting and imaginative way. They generate new and different mixtures of ideas.

Adele explains that she finds inspiration for her songs from daily experiences and her surroundings. Her family, friends and the world around her.

The songs in album 21 had more of a contemporary tone than in the previous album 19 because of the music her bus driver played. This shows that every experience has potential to provide inspiration and in some way effect and shape a song.

The singer said that her album 25 represented how she had transformed from an adolescent to an adult in the four years that followed after releasing 21.

In the following clip Adele talks about how her Album reflects her life.


Persisting is the skill to keep at it even when things get difficult. Never giving up on your goals. Working hard regardless of set backs.

Adele shows that she is persistant in the mere fact the she has made it so far. On October the 1st Adele was forced to cancel some tours due to a vocal injury. If she had continued to sing she would have likely caused perminate damage to her voice.

"I don't like cancelling shows Because it takes a lot for me to give up my money to go and see someone play live. So i really appreciate that fact that these people spend their monthly , sort of, treat allowance coming to see me. So i was really, really gutted about having to let those people down."

She went through laser micro surgery to remove a polyp. There was a time after that where she was not even able to talk. Despite this set back and no doubt the fear that she might never sing again, Adele didn't give up hope and pushed through the hard time. It wasn't until the 12th of February 2012 that she sung properly again when she made a come back at the Grammy Awards.

Crowds at Adeles Performance in Auckland, New Zealand.

Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations

This habit of mind is that of consciously learning. Annylizing the outcome of past situations and learning from them what was successful and where improvement is required. One then uses this knowledge to make good choices in a variety of future situations.

In a number of interviews Adele has stated that from her album 21 she has learnt not to be so direct as to what each song is based off. After album 21 she found the media were trying to uncover who the people she'd said her songs were about actually were. She hadn't named anyone but she'd been pretty open about the situations she'd been in.

"It's really intusive on their lives." She said that she does really wished she'd kept a few things to herself.

"I never knew the album would be so big... and i will be more warry when i go into things now."

After album 25 she said she'd let people interpreted the songs more themselves rather than just telling them what she'd written them about. She was also more prepared for the reaction to album 25 than she was for 21.

For examples of 'Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations' go from 1:02 to 1:30 and 14:26 to 15:13

For further examples of 'listening with understanding and Empathy' go from 25:20 to 27:40

Examples for 'finding humour' can also be found from throughout this clip.

Habits of Mind - Adele

Sophie Petrack and Mackenzie Gleeson - 2017


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