Agricultural Revolutions Hannah hilyar

FIRST - The first agricultural revolution is the domestication of plants and animals. Between 10,000 BC and 2000 BC, also called the Neolithic Revolution Humans began to settle down in areas instead of moving around to find food. They planted crops and raised animals. The settlement helped shape and create modern agricultural technology. Wheat was the first crop grown.

First Crop grown was wheat grown in 9000 BC

SECOND - The second agricultural revolution is generally said to have occurred along with the Industrial Revolution. It came about in part because of the Industrial Revolution and it helped allow the Industrial Revolution to happen. The second agricultural revolution was based on a greater use of technology. This revolution decreased the number of workers needed and increased the number of machinery.

The machines shown were ones that farmers used during the second revolution

Third- The third agricultural revolution helped bring science to farming. More big machinery was used with gas as the fuel. Even less workers were needed then those in the second revolution. The third revolution used biotechnology and chemical applications.

Farmers now use big machines to produce their crops whether it is for commercial or subsistence

GMOś- A GMO otherwise known as a genetically modified organism changes plants and animals using biotechnology. They help increase quantity of commericial farming so that farmers can keep up with the modern day society. Farmers also want to make more food and resources for a cheaper cost. Some advantages include weed resistant, less pests or disease, and higher nutrition value. Some disadvantages include mixing of genes from other organisms, some organisms not being labeled correctly, and long term consequences that the consumer may not be aware of.


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