Value,Emphasis,and Unity drawing and painting pd.1

My artwork is about society. In my art work, there are people who are black in a colorful forest. The people who are black are absorbed in their phones and aren't paying attention to the forest around them. There is one girl though who abandons her phone to explore the forest; She is colorful and bright. My photo is about society and how people are more focused on life behind a screen, when in reality, life is happening all around them. When creating this photo, I really struggled with the materials I wanted to use with this photo. the Emphasis of the photo was the colorful girl, which symbolized a small part of the society that can experience life without social media. The unity of the photo was the tree's leaves really brought harmony to the photo. And, the value was a range of different colors. To paint the leaves I stroked water color on the paper the dabbed my fingers around on the paper with the paint on my fingers. My goal for this painting was to send a message to the viewer about society and how its affected people's views of the world. My final piece was not as I imagined, but it turned out better than I expected. while doing this project I really learned how deep of a meaning art can have. Sometimes the theme is right there, other times you must look for it. This piece has influenced how much of a message I put in my future pieces of art.

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