Lung Cancer The Overwhelming Misconceptions

Lung Cancer is a multi-factorial type of cancer that embellishes when it has spread from an origin towards the lungs


1. LUNG CARCINOID TUMOR - a growing tumor that spreads to numerous areas of the lungs in a slow manner, especially rare due to its origin in the lungs. Correlates with the Neuroendicrine system
SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER BOIIIII- a quickly spreading type of lung cancer that is particularly not common; the rate at which this type moves is detrimental to the time a patient may have to notice and seek treatment.
NON-SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER - the most common form of lung cancer that demonstrates a condition similar to that of classic carcinoma conditions
Although, many insist that Lung Cancer is solely due to smoking tobacco, however this misconception is very one-sided of the ignorant.
Environmental factors that degree at many levels are what influence the risk one may have; career choices and nurturing growth dependencies are what vary the conditions and accommodations needed for those whom are affected.


Treatment may be that of what any other cancer patient may expect: Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, Thoracoscopic Surgery, abstinence from smoking.

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