Forest Fire By William V

It was a good day that had a blue sky, white clouds, and a yellow sun.

Three things could ruin it: first, a forest fire; second, a forest fire; last, a forest fire.

Suddenly, there was a long, sharp clap of thunder.

Yes, the storm has come.

In front of the river, the lightening struck a dead tree.

Sparking furiously, the forest took flame.

The forest, after the lightning strike, was in grave danger.

Now is your time, Drumset.

Drumset, the best firefighting drum set ever, is the most able to fight the fire.

Drumset said, “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.”

The drum set seemed to concentrate, or maybe he was just tired.

Drumset, who even had his own white cat, was ready to save the forest.

The fire was eventually put out on January 19, 1969.

The fire was doused in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Drumset now lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Bourbon Street

He wrote a letter to me once. It was really short.

“Dear William,” it went.

In the forest, fire burns the trees.


Created with images by skeeze - "wildfire forest fire" • sipa - "clouds nature clouds form" • Thomas Good - "Forest Fires in Idaho" • aismist - "Stack em high" • Unsplash - "storm clouds sky" • karlnorling - "Thunder Falls" • LoggaWiggler - "fire radio spark fire" • blacklord - "snowy forest" • kevin dooley - "Closing time" • slgckgc - "Garage Sale - Drum Set" • Tedd - "buffalo animals in the country" • tookapic - "eye eyeball green" • 1789268 - "cat white pet" • The U.S. Army - "Black Forest Fire" • tpsdave - "wisconsin red barn silo" • Olivia81 - "brittany kernic cove bay sea" • Alexas_Fotos - "autumn time of year font" • bogitw - "typewriter keys mechanically" • kummod - "fire wood fire flame"

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