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Start of Fantasy Sports

Wilfred "Bill the Gill" Winkenbach is given credit for starting fantasy sports in 1962. The fantasy sport he created was golf. He developed a rule book and a system which is still followed today.

Wilfred "Bill the Gill" Wikenbach

Rotisserie League Baseball

In the 1980's, a Major League fantasy baseball league was formed. Daniel Okrent is given the credit for the league. It was formed by a group of guys who based the game off of stats. The game started to gain attention from the media, such as journalists. This game is still played today.

A book describing the game

Sports Journalists

Sports journalists have played an important role in the growth of fantasy sports. They have promoted and showed the public information about the game. This has advertised Fantasy Football and caused it to grow.

A sports journalist in action

Fantasy Football in the Market

While the first draft started in the 1960s, it has grown largely since then. The league GOPPPL was started in 1969, which opened the game to the public. The game immediately became popular and its held its popularity as the years have passed


The entire fantasy sports league is worth around 2 billion dollars. It also has around a 4 billion dollar impact on the sports industry.


Fantasy sports are often debated over it legal status. Many groups believe it counts as gambling. The game allows users to bet money over games, which questions if it counts as gambling. If it is classified as gambling, the Sports league should be banned according to law.


Ban of Fantasy Sports Sites?

Many of the fantasy sport sites violate state laws. They also believe that player profiles and stats shouldn't be available to the public. Many states have even tried to ban it and are getting sick of the craze. Many states and other anti-gambling groups hope for stricter laws and bans on Fantasy Football.

Impact of the internet on the growth of fantasy sports

Internet Impact

The Internet has let the game grow more popular. It makes the game more accessible for everyone and will run the league for you. It simplifies the game, which draws more of an appeal.


The FTSA is the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. It's used to support the growth of the fantasy sports and lets many leagues come together. It holds conferences and provides valuable information about fantasy sports. They often try to keep fantasy sports out of legal issues.

Problems with the Fast Growing Industry

The problem with the fast growth of fantasy sports is that it's caused many smaller markets to crash. Many companies, such as Fanball.com, have gone bankrupt due to competition. The economic instability has lead to constant change in competition.

Rapidly Growing Market


The game has generated a lot of attention and popularity. In the US and Canada alone, 56.8 million people above age 12 played Fantasy sports in 2015. The market is growing, with companies adding different gameplay options. More users join the game everyday.

Ethical Dilemma

The websites that require payment to play show ethical dilemma. They are making money off of other people gambling. This gives money to a website that is just trying to profit off of the game.


The media has been impacted widely by fantasy sports. Fantasy scores are now reported and reporters often discuss it. It has impacted the media in a positive way, gaining fantasy watchers for games.

Athletes and Teams

Athletes and teams have also been impacted in a popular way. They gain viewers and fans due to the fact that fantasy players will want to see how players will perform for their fantasy games.

Future Trends

I think the trend will eventually decrease. However, right now I think the industry is booming and will stay that way for the next couple of years.


Most fantasy sport players are teen males. However, there is still a large amount of male adults. There are few female fantasy sport players. Fantasy sport players are normally college educated and make an income less than or equal to $50,000.

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