Good Life Nature Florida museum of natural history

Nature on Display

Out of all the exhibits in the museum, the South Florida People and Environment caught my attention the most mainly because it was different to me. When I was looking at this exhibit, it fascinated me how the Native Americans lived a completely different lifestyle than the ones we live today. I was amazed with their clothing (which in this society would be little to nothing) and their traditional way of hunting, something a majority of 21st century Americans cant do. What I learned about the natural world from this exhibit that I couldn’t have learned from another medium is that not everyone lived the same. Different cultures have different ways and techniques of surviving and adapting to their environments. From my experience at the museum, what I found most enjoyable was being able to see the different aspects of earth’s history, such the Native American lifestyle, the different ferocious shark jaws, and the size of the dinosaurs. It just made me think about how there is so much to learn about the past.

Nature and ehtics

The Museum gave me the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommended. I was actually able to appreciate the artifacts and pieces of our past instead of thinking about its current price tag. When I was walking through the museum, I was fascinated and curious to learn more about our past. The people reacted with shock and astonishment in some of the museum’s exhibits. When I was in the Hall of Florida Fossils: Evolution of life and land looking at the shark exhibit, I saw that the children and adults were amazed with the size of the shark’s mouth and sharpness of their teeth. Their eyes would widen with disbelief and even took pictures with the different shark jaws behind them, which shows their interest in this exhibit. This allowed the visitors to connect with nature by showing the visitors how interesting nature is and how there is so much more to know about nature. Humans only discovered less than five percent of the ocean, yet it seems we have so much information about the creatures the ocean inhabits. So with that, our curiosity to know more is far from being full. My experience in the museum instilled me an ethical responsibility to nature as Leopold because from that trip, I have learned to appreciate and understand the significance of our past and our history.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by giving us the opportunity to see how our past was and how life was back then. It shows us the lifestyle of earlier Natives of America, the different types of animals that once roamed our earth and especially how large they were back then. It makes the think of everything from a different perspective. So we, as humans, can understand how we have evolved from such a traditional and basic past to a more technological more advanced present. It also makes us appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world by giving us insight that there is still a lot of history we do not know compared to what we know. So by knowing there are still incomplete facts out there, we can not do anything else, but acknowledge the mystery that is beyond us.

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