4 Trips, 100 New Things Learned By: Kevin Juarez

"Hey guys so today is November 23rd of 2016, I just finished exploring Durga Temple, Aihole. The temple is located in Karnataka, India, this temple belong to Hindus and was built around the 7th and 8th century by the dynasty of the Chaluykas. In Hinduism is known as an important place because it is believed that Parasharuma washed his axe here after killing the Kshatriyas. The temple is a dedication to the Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu. The super structure is a square shaped that clumsily fits over apsidal cella. The temple stands on a high moulded upapitna, it carries a peripheral row of columns on its edge that surround the moulded adhishthana. Mean while i was here i visited one of the sacred sites for hindus, the ganges river. Exploring the area i learned so much from those who practice the religion, Hindus believe that they achieve purification by bathing at the ganges river. the river is the holiest river because it springs from the hair of siva, one of the main deities.

Day two of my Adventure. Hey guys so it November26th, i arrived to Sarhath last night, it's currently 7:00 am and i am getting ready to go learn and explore the buddhist Dhamek Stupa. Sorry guys i couldn't blog earlier today, but its 9:00 pm, today was an amazing day i was able to learn so much. I was able to learn that the Dhamek stupa originated as a pre-buddhist in where ascetics were buried in. The stupa was built in 500 CE to replace a structure. It marks the spot, where the Rishi arrived, where the buddha gave the first sermon to his five disciples after attaining enlighment. It's getting late i'll see you guys tomorrow.

I have totally forgot to blog but its November 28th and its around 4ish in the afternoon i just finished exploring Lumbini one of the sacred sites for buddhist. Lumbini is located at the foothills of the Himalayas in the modern Nepal. During the Buddhas time Lumbini was a beautiful garden covered in greens and shady sais tree. The garden was owned by two clans, shakyas and the Kollas, Most important it was the birth of the Buddha.

I just arrived from the airport, its December 5th, sorry that i haven't updated that was because i was to busy capturing my surroundings. These last few days i visited two wonderful places. First off, i visited a Judaism architecture, The temple Mount, which is the holiest site in judaism. Its also known as the place where god's divine presence is manifested. The site has been associated in judaism with Mount Moriah, the name was give b the Hebrew Bible. Mount Zion was the site of the jebusite fortress called the strong hold of zion. According to the Bible both temples stood up on Temple Mount. I then visited the western wall which is a sacred site for jews. The wall is an ancient limestone wall in the old city of old city of Jerusalem. The Western wall was originally ejected as part of the second jewish Temple by Herod the Great, which was of the natural, a sleep hill know to jews. The wall is conceded holy to it's connection to temple mount. The wall is the holiest place where jews are permitted to pray. It has also been named "Wailing Wall" referring to the practice of jews weeping at the site over destruction of the temples. That is all for now ill see you guys later.

I am finally back in Frisco, Tx, before i left this journey i did two last stops in search of christianity. I first went to visit the cathedral Vac. A cathedral is a christian church which contains the seat of bishop, which also serves the central church of a diocese, conference, or episcopate. The Vac serves as a diocese . My last stop was at the Jordan River. The river runs through the land and history of the bible giving its water a spiritual significance that sets it aside from other rivers. Its significant to Christians because of John the Baptist baptized Jesus in the water of the Jordan. Two prophets named Elijah and Elisha also crossed the rive, and the general Naaman was healed of leprosy after washing in the Jordan.


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