BelgianResistance A Resistance group in europe

BelgiAm Resistance Groups During WW2...

During the war, it is estimated that roughly 5% of the national population were involved in some form of resistance activity.

Under German occupation, the first deportation of Belgian Jews embarked on 4 Aug 1942; most were sent to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland.

25,631 Belgian Jews were deported; of that number, only 1,244 survived the Holocaust.

Help from the non-Jewish Belgians...

The non-Jewish Belgian population was generally helpful toward the Jews in the country; it was estimated that 25,000+ Jews were able to escape deportation after being given hidden shelters, often in private homes, by non-Jews.

Resistance to the Holocaust...

The Belgian resistance was instrumental in saving Jews from deportation to death camps, successfully attacked the "Twentieth convoy" carrying 1,500 Belgian Jews by rail to Auschwitz in Poland.

The Jews being transported to the refugee camps
Auschwitz in Poland
  • Many Belgians also hid Jews during the occupation: one estimate put the number at some 20,000 people hidden during the war.
  • In total, 1,612 Belgians have been awarded the distinction of "Righteous Among the Nations" by the State of Israel for risking their lives to save Jews from persecution during the occupation.

Escape Routes...

The line not only fed and provided civilian clothes for the ceased escaping pilots, but also forged French identity cards and rail fares. Since the airmen also needed to be hidden in civilian houses for a long periodically time, escape lines were especially vulnerable.

Death camp

Involvement in Resistance...

What difference did they make? What if they didn't get involved?

The Belgian resistance group was a small but highly significant and essential group. This is because they were a part of countless attempts to lower the amount of Jews whom were sent to the Auschiwitz death camps. The Belgian resistance groups saved 6,000+ Jews and have housed 1,000+ non-Jewish Belgian's. Each resistance group during World War I makes a difference an the outcome of the number of Jews saved. If the Belgian resistance group did not aid in the saving of the Jews then it would have most definitely made a drastic modification in the lives of many Jews. Their family members of the Holocaust survivors would not be here today if it wasn't for the small resistance groups like the Belgium one.


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