CAMTech Celebrates 5 Years of Ideation, Innovation, Co-Creation and Acceleration

The Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech) identifies pressing clinical needs from the field, crowdsources innovative solutions and accelerates the cycle from idea to patient impact. Based at Massachusetts General Hospital Global Health, CAMTech is a global network of academic, clinical, corporate, government and non-profit partners working together to drive health innovation around the world.

As CAMTech celebrates its 5-year anniversary, we look back at 4,377 innovators, 659 mentors, 737 organizations and 831 innovations improving population health in low-resource settings since 2012. After the first 12 hack-a-thons, with an average of only 12 months of follow-up, there were 22 patents filed, 15 companies formed and 66 products were undergoing trials on patients and with providers.

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"Five years ago, when CAMTech was starting, there were hardly any organized go-to-places where you would really start thinking through a problem and then generate a solution and go ahead and prototype and move forward." - Dr. Data Santorino, CAMTech Uganda Country Manager


  • Medtech Hack-a-thon
  • Innovation Awards
"The most memorable aspect was that we really built what CAMTech is today from the end-users, and now there's this whole community of innovators in medtech. That ecosystem really didn’t exist when I started." - Aya Caldwell, Former CAMTech Program Manager and Head of Inclusion Strategy and Innovation, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research
"When I read what CAMTech was about it related so much to what I had learned. Finding health challenges, especially those that we have to locally deal with, and coming up with innovative ways of solving these challenges so the local people can live a better and healthy life. So I thought, 'Oh my God,' I want to be part of that!" - Lydia Asiimwe, Administrative Manager, CAMTech Uganda


  • CAMTech Uganda Road Safety Medtech Hack-a-thon
  • CAMTech India Maternal and Child Health Medtech Hack-a-thon
  • Innovation Awards
"We are a neutral broker. I think that makes people ready to engage and open to CAMTech. The culture of the CAMTech community is hard to reproduce." - Soura Bhattacharyya, Co-Founder and CEO, Lattice Innovations
"I think probably the biggest way I saw CAMTech changing things is simply connecting local people to an outside world with possibilities for innovation and commercial ideas that I think that a lot of people there had never envisioned." - Michael Wollowitz, Mechanical Designer and Inventor, Tangible Design, Inc.


  • Stop Ebola Hack-a-thon
  • CAMTech Uganda Road Safety Medtech Hack-a-thon
  • CAMTech India Maternal and Child Health Jugaadathon
  • USAID India Awards
  • Uganda Launch Awards
  • USAID Maternal and Child Health Awards
  • Maternal and Child Health Accelerator Cohort with InnAccel
  • Uganda Co-Creation Lab Launch
“I think it has really contributed a lot in terms of mentoring innovators, working them through the innovation process and their innovations. It’s like a mother of innovations in Uganda. CAMTech has made a great example, especially in the country." - Nuriat Nambogo, Research and Grants Development Officer, CAMTech Uganda
"When I went to this hack-a-thon and saw some of these ideas that came out, I realized there’s no way that someone from the U.S. could think of this without spending a lot of time in the local market. That’s the strategy that I thought was really attractive, and I think is really a good one." - Pete McNerney, Adjunct Lecturer of Finance, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University


  • MIT Road Safety Grand Hack
  • CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon
  • CAMTech India Maternal and Child Health Jugaadathon
  • CAMTech India Diabetes Innovation Hack-a-thon
  • AB InBev Road Safety Innovation Award
  • Maternal and Child Health Entrepreneur Bootcamp
  • Maternal and Child Health Accelerator Cohort with InnAccel
"CAMTech has created huge awareness in the ecosystem for healthcare – from private enterprises to multinationals to startups to VCs to NGOs to government officials to policymakers. It has acted as a catalyst to bring these player together." - Anurag Asthana, Global Research & Development Director, Medtronic
"Women are still the minority in that space. The way CAMTech frames its events is something that is important because you’re making it accessible to everyone. Everyone has the opportunity to participate." - Jessica Autrey, Business Development Lead, Foundry for Connected Health at AT&T


  • Global Cancer Hack-a-thon
  • Zika Innovation Hack-a-thon
  • Opioid Epidemic Challenge Summit and Hack-a-thon
  • Grand Challenges Canada Zika Innovation Awards
  • GE Foundation Opioid Epidemic Award
  • Maternal and Child Health Entrepreneur Bootcamp
  • CAP Awards
  • Zika Accelerator Cohort
  • Opioid Accelerator Cohort
"The effort was always to try and bring more and more women into being really diligent into it. And bringing more women as mentors, as participants, but there is still a huge gap that exists. It’s not going to be overnight to achieve gender equality." - Smitha Gudapakkam, New Business Manager, IHI
"The biggest change I have seen, especially in the Indian ecosystem, is it has seeded in students' minds how to get a medical device and how to commercialize it properly." - Nitesh Kumar Jangir, Co-Founder, Coeo Labs


  • CAMTech-X Jugaadathon: Bengaluru, New Delhi, Manipal, Bhubaneswar, Mumbai
  • CAMTech-X: Demo Day
  • CAMTech Uganda Neonatal and Maternal Health Medtech Hack-a-thon
  • CAMTech Uganda Accelerator Program Award
"As a woman in medtech, my feeling is that the CAMTech team goes out of their way to promote what I have to offer the medtech field in big and small ways." - Elizabeth Johansen, Principal, Spark Health Design Consultancy
"The energy of the hack-a-thon was buzzing like static electricity in the air. The teams of committed young people were an inspiration. We ended up with some very interesting innovations. Grand Challenges Canada was pleased to support them." - Peter Singer, Chief Executive Officer, Grand Challenges Canada

Looking Ahead

“Over the last five years, CAMTech has been incredibly fortunate to partner with amazing people in Boston, India, Uganda and beyond. We’re continuing on the road from ideation to patient impact by empowering innovators, both in LMIC’s and in underserved sectors of the developed world. We’re looking ahead to the next five years more hopeful and more driven than ever.” - Dr. Kristian Olson, Director and Founding Medical Director, CAMTech

A Relaunched CIP Coming January 2018

Register on the CIP to join over 4,377 innovators, 659 mentors, 737 organizations and 831 innovations in CAMTech's network!

Relaunching in January 2018, the CIP addresses a critical gap in the medtech ecosystem by providing a network for innovators, mentors and investors. This relaunched CIP supports innovators in the transition from idea generation to scale-up by giving innovators a network to ask the right questions, learn from peers and stay on track. The CIP offers innovators, mentors and investors access to:

  • New Interactive Tools: customized, smarter features to help assist teams in understanding the process to commercialization
  • Email Relay Systems: simpler, faster and private user communication
  • Redesigned Platform: blogging features for more continuous communication, redesigned pages for self-identification of needs and information on how other users can help
  • Archiving Capabilities: allows users to see current and updated innovations
  • "Like" and "Tag" Functions: helps teams and mentors share expertise
  • New Showcasing Capabilities: a progress tracking bar that guides teams to update profiles in order to be showcased on the CIP homepage, CAMTech website and CAMTech Pulse newsletter

Questions about the CIP? Contact Alexis Steel, Senior Manager for Global Operations, at asteel@mgh.harvard.edu.

What do you hope to see from CAMTech in the next 5 years?

"I would want CAMTech to maintain it’s model for grassroots innovation. It’s something that I have seen to be so effective. You always want people to be on the side where the problem is happening and then start to build the solution from the problem." - Karthik Paga, Graduate Student, The Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon Univiversity
"I think I would definitely love to see more products come to market. That would be the end goal. If we are to achieve that, then I would like to see CAMTech focus more time on accelerating and taking a few teams with high potential and making sure they reach the market." - Chayan Chatterjee, Co-Founder and COO, Lattice Innovations
"I hope to see them grow and scale and see them bring this to more communities across the world. Teaching the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators these skill sets and mindsets." - Andrea Ippolito, Executive Director, Engineering Management Program, Cornell University

Interested in partnering with CAMTech? Contact Sandra Butler, Senior Manager for Global Business Strategy, at sjbutler@mgh.harvard.edu.

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