Scholarships make goals possible Thanks to the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation, NAIT student athletes have access to scholarships to succeed on the ice and in the classroom.

"I want to thank you for the gracious support these opportunities and awards provide to post-secondary students like me."

Cassidy Lyttle, NAIT Ooks Women's Hockey

"It is very much appreciated, especially during these times when finding work is tough. This award will help me financially and in athletics."

Jordan Papirny, NAIT Ooks Men's Hockey

"It means the world to me - thank you so much for the opportunities you opened up to me."

Hannah Prinsen, NAIT Ooks Women's Hockey

"I can't express enough how much I appreciate your generosity, as it gives myself and other student athletes the support to pursue our goals."

Kadey Rosey, NAIT Ooks Women's Hockey

"When I first heard I was receiving this award, there were a ton of emotions that went through my head - I was super excited, happy and grateful."

Brittney Savard, NAIT Ooks Women's Hockey

"It takes a lot of stress off of me and I'm able to put energy into the things I really enjoy doing, which is playing hockey and putting in the time to get good marks."

Brett Trentham, NAIT Ooks Men's Hockey

Thank you, Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation, for making student-athletes' goals achievable!