The Faces of the Georgia Tech Farmer’s Market exploring the wonderful world of vendors who bring their homemade treats to campus every Wednesday

Beren’s Frozen Custard

“I’ve been doing this since I was 12. I heard about the market from my two boys who both go here. I love giving custard to people who have never had it before. To watch the first time they taste it, they’re just amazed at how good it is.”

Legacy Bakers

“Fall 2012 is when we started. We just love coming here. We get up extra early to come down here and it is an absolutely joy to be here, we appreciate everybody. We’ve had kids that started as freshman and graduated.. All of our stuff is hand-done except for a mixer. I’m the baker. She’s the brains of the operation.”

Legacy Bakers
Mike's Comfort Foods

“I’m Russian and Czechoslovakian so this is the type of food I grew up eating and making. My mom did a lot of baking when we were kids, so I was able to learn a lot. I sell European type food. Stuffed cabbages with ground beef, bacon and rice, pirogues, vegetarian chili, and beef and bean chili.”

Generations Bakery

“I started this business in August, based on the pound cake. I won a pound cake competition and I’d never won anything, nor competed in anything like that before…The look on someone’s face when they taste any of it. I can’t describe it. It’s almost like it brings them back to a place where it reminds them of home or sitting at their grandmother’s table. I like that.”

Generations Bakery
Old Fashioned Candy

“I’ve taken turn of the century recipes that I’ve found from the 1800’s, and this is what I’ve come up with. The butter rum, sarsaparilla, cherry, lemon and lime I make from scratch from natural organic ingredients. One of the neat things about candy—it brings back memories.”

Old Fashioned Hard Candy
Java Genesis

“We’re a small-batch craft coffee roaster, and we’ve been in business for five years, and we’ve been coming to the Georgia Tech market since Fall 2012. Everything on our table has been roasted within a day or two of us bringing it to the market, so that means it’s going to be fresh and taste great. The most popular is our dark roast Java.”

Java Genesis
Sunshine Farm

“In 2008 everyone was losing their homes, the banks were losing money, I was about to sell my property. I decided to go to UGA and take some Master Gardner classes and I became a Georgia Master Garden Vice President. I’m certified natural grown.”

Hand-Popped Kettle Corn

“I had a friend of mine that got me into this. He retired and he started doing it and selling his kettle corn at Emory. I have a machine that does it. A big kettle with a big lid. I love making it; my wife loves eating it.”

Tasteful Creations

“I started out as a regular bakery and I became gluten free about six years ago. I found that a lot of people had been requesting it. This was all made last night from 1:30 a.m. to this morning. I have not been to bed yet. It’s hard, but you want it to be fresh.”

Tasteful Creations
Pure Bliss Organics

“We’re a company that makes quality certified organic snacks: granola, nut mixes, energy bars and bites. We love coming out to markets and letting people sample the stuff. This is probably the only time that the general public will have a chance to try everything we make. This is where you actually get to try it out before you buy it, and we’re happy to be here.”

Pure Bliss Organics
Rey’s Cuban Sandwiches

“On Wednesdays is the time that I kind of take off, and I like to come here, again I can’t say it enough, because of the students. I love the students, I love to serve the students. You guys are so nice and you have a bright future ahead of you. With what little bit I can provide, which is Cuban sandwiches and black beans and rice, I love to see the smile on the student’s face.The second best thing is her. It’s a great thing—to work with your wife.”

Rey's Cuban Sandwiches
all photos by Samira Bandaru and hanna warlick

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Samira Bandaru, Hanna Warlick

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