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Best Marco Photograph

There is a flower that lies by the river. The buildings and other objects loom over it in the distance. I really liked this photo because of its contrast of closeness and distance. The focus is on the flower, and the blurriness of the background aids that feeling. Each petal has its distinct look. The flower, as a whole, is seen clearly.


Macro photography involves a lot of thinking and analyzation of the subject of the photo. At first, I figured macro photography would just be zooming in on an object and snapping a photo. But, it's not as simple as that. The camera takes a bit of time to focus and close in on the subject. It is a process. The essence of macro photography comes from the closeness and relatedness of the subject. The subject, properly placed and chosen, should be depicted so that the photograph shows the object's little details compared to the larger scale of the photo. Nothing can be perfect, but being able to see those details and larger details shows to the audience there is much more to this photo than meets the eye. Therefore, the photographer should take time and not just "snap a photo."

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