Hanukkah gift guide Written by Ella Kotok

Writer’s choice:

Monogrammed cups/tumblers from Occasions

Occasions gift shop, which has locations in both Cabin John Village and the Kentlands, sells custom monogrammed cups of many varieties. This is such a cool and unique gift that is very customizable and practical. Stop by today to see their plethora of different options.

For Mom:

Custom photo collage blanket

There’s nothing moms love more than their children—except, maybe, pictures of them. A custom photo collage blanket is an adorable way for your mom to (literally) wrap herself in your love. It’ll also make a great addition to your living room couch.

For Dad:

DIY hot sauce kit

I don’t know about you, but my dad is obsessed with spicy foods and hot sauces. A DIY hot sauce kit is the perfect activity for the whole family to do together and can be an excellent complement to all of your dad’s favorite foods.

For the kids:

Yogibo beanbag chair

At a loss for something that the kids in your life will love? Something that will last longer than 10 minutes and will stay interesting and entertaining for years? If so, head on over to the Yogibo store at Montgomery Mall. Their supersized bean bags serve as the perfect addition to any kid’s room and are sure to be a huge hit.

For the chef:

Fondue maker from Sur La Table

Fondue is such an underrated dish that many home cooks are unable to make because of their lack of materials. Enter: you, with this gift. A fondue maker, available at Sur Lla Table in Pike and Rose, is the perfect way for your favorite chef to take their creations up a notch. Plus, you’ll now have easy access to fondue on a daily basis.

Photo by Zara Ducker, LT

For the athlete:

Message gun from Dick's Sporting Goods

It feels like there’s always something going on with athletes. They’re either injured or sore, and nothing makes them more frustrated than being unable to practice or play because of an injury. Make your way to your nearest Dick’s Sporting Goods for a massage gun: Anthe ideal gift for the athlete who just can’t seem to shake the soreness.

Photo by Eitan Malkus, LT

For the bookworm:

Candle with a quote from Barnes and Noble

I know it’s easy and tempting to buy your bookworm friend a book and call it a day, but I would strongly advise against it. If your friend is an avid reader, it’s likely they’ve already read whatever you buy them, or that it won’t be of interest to them. Instead, get them a candle with a quote from their favorite classic author on it at Barnes and Noble in North Bethesda or Gaithersburg. Nothing will make them happier than having the perfect candle to curl up next to that sets calming reading vibes.

On a budget:

Claw clips from Target

One of my favorite trends at the moment is the revival of claw clips. These hair accessories are both affordable and adorable and are sure to be a perfect pick for anyone with long hair. They also come in tons of fun colors at your nearest Target, so you can get your recipient a nice variety.

Photo by Zara Ducker, LT