Johnny Martin Multimedia Sports Production

Sage Wightman Interview

For this video I interviewed Sage Wightman, a former Ladue student, and now, the namesake of Ladue's brand new football stadium. To make this video, I sat down with Mr. Wightman, who now owns a successful Vineyard In California, and discussed his experience at Ladue when he was a teenager. We discussed the new school, football, and at the end Mr. Wightman gave his luck to the current students and reigning state champion football team. I then cut together pieces of the interview into a video to be played at the grand opening of Wightman stadium. The most challenging aspect of creating the video was deciding which pieces of the interview to cut together. Mr. Wightman was delightful to converse with and he provided fascinating accounts of his days at Ladue. While the video ended up being much more challenging than I had expected, I was happy just to be a part of the interview process and having the privilege to have met a character such as that of Sage Wightman.

Ladue vs. Webster Groves Fan Video Compilation

This video is a recap of the Ladue vs. Webster Groves football game from the perspective of the fan section. To make this video I took pictures and videos while viewing the game as well as reaching out to fellow students for any pictures or videos they took. As this was one of the first compilation videos I ever made, I learned a lot about the process of cutting together clips and videos in order to be viewed in a successful manor. The most challenging part of making this video was finding good clips from my peers. For all the time teenagers spend using electronics and cell phones, I could scarcely find solid pictures or videos from the student section. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this video. It was cool to see the football game through a fans eye view and it gave me a great feeling of accomplishment to actually complete a video that I could be proud of.

Ladue vs. Clayton Fan Video Compilation

Similar to the previous slide, this video was a recap of the Ladue vs. Clayton rivalry game, also from a fans prospective. I also made this video by taking pictures and short videos during the game and also by gathering photos and videos my peers had taken throughout the game. This video is almost the same as the one on the previous slide, the main difference is that this, being my second video of the type, I was able to perfect the process a little bit more. Because of the experience I had making the first video, it was much easier to make this one. I enjoyed making these type of videos for two reasons. One, because it was relatively simple and easy. I just had to cut together some photos and clips on my phone. Two, it was cool to see the game from a fans point of view. Both of these type of videos I made were displayed on the board. Any of the people I showed them too thought they were cool and enjoyed watching them. I believe the feedback on these videos was overall positive from those watching the game.

Track and Field Hype Video

This video is a hype video for the upcoming Spring Track and Field season. To make it, I acquired all the footage of the previous track season, last spring, and combed through it to find suitable clips. My own mother was the greatest source of pictures and videos, but I also got some through teammates and coaches. I then cut together all the clips I liked, and added in all the cool pictures I could find. I tried to make all the clips short and brief to create a hyper, uptempo, feeling to the video. I added pictures of as many of the track athletes I could find at the end of the video to show who Ladue's track and field athletes are. I then added in photos of Ladue athletes standing on podiums and with medals at the Track state championships last May, to show the tradition of winning and excellence carried by the team. This was the first hype video I had ever made, so it took me a little while to get the hang of it. I had to learn the best ways to cut videos, add music, add transitions, etc. The biggest challenge for me was adding in the music in a way that it fit with the visuals. I picked an upbeat song that I wanted to match with certain streams of videos or pictures. The issue was the video was about half as long as the whole song. I had to cut through the song and mash parts of it together that weren't designed by the artist. In the end I figured it out and I think it runs smoothly. This is my favorite of the videos I made this year. I spent a lot of time trying to make it the way I wanted and I was very proud of myself and the final product. I run on the Ladue track team and I wanted to give Ladue Track and Field, who have been very successful in recent years, some attention to their accomplishments.

Cross Country Season Recap

This video is a recap of the most recent Ladue Cross Country season. During the season my mother as well as other parents and family member took videos and pictures of the runners during and after races. I took all the videos I could find of the races that were run and cut them down into short, brief clips. I tried to get video footage from each race and then display those clips in the same order that the races took place. The biggest challenge I faced was organizing the videos and trying to make them interesting. Not many people will be interested in clips of athletes running by, so I tried to turn the video into a story, where the viewer could see the journey the athletes completed through the season. I found this to be an effective way to make something some would regard as boring, into an exciting video. This video was a little bit too long to be showed on the board but I previewed it to my family before I turned it in and they all enjoyed it. They liked the way it showed the course of this historic Ladue XC season all the way through the State Championship.