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On July 18th, 2014, Ramsey Orta changed New York City forever when he instinctively pulled out his cellphone and began to record as Staten Island plain clothes officers approached him and his friend Eric Garner and proceeded to choke Eric to death.

The brutal images of Eric's desperate calls “I can’t breath!” galvanized the Black Lives Matter movement, sparked long over-due conversations about racism in America and showed both the power and limitation of video as evidence.

Born in NYC, Ramsey was raised in the streets and knew both the risks of videotaping the police and the potential consequences of releasing the video of Eric Garner's death. But Ramsey was raised with courage of his convictions, so he released it. While many hailed Ramsey as a hero, for the next several months Ramsey would be targeted and setup by the NYPD.

Ramsey's Path to Public Service

Ramsey Orta Can't Breath: Produced by WeCopwatch in 2015

In 2015 Ramsey teamed up with WeCopwatch (A copwatch group dedicated to supporting other copwatch groups and initiatives) to help create Copwatch College, a series of comprehensive Copwatch / Know Your Rights Trainings.

In 2016 Ramsey spent his final months of freedom training New York City residents about their rights and then on October 3, 2016, turned himself in to serve out a four year prison sentence on varies charges Ramsey received in retaliation for releasing the video of Eric Garner's death.

Throughout his incarceration Ramsey has continued to educate people about their rights both outside and behind the walls. He has been working on a Graphic Novel with illustrator Jonathan Burkhardt and a Know Your Rights Book with WeCopwatch.

Ramsey has endured difficult times throughout his incarceration (which is written about extensively in this Verge article), but these obstacles have been opportunities for personal growth. Ramsey's incarceration has helped him understand his life purpose, which is to serve the people.

Ramsey's Current Status

  • Ramsey has been incarcerated in NY Prisons for over three years.
  • Ramsey has been to 9 different correctional facilities.
  • He is currently at the Mohawk Correctional Facility.
  • Ramsey is currently in solitary confinement.
  • This is Ramsey's seventh time in solitary confinement.
  • Ramsey has spent over a year of his incarceration in solitary confinement.
  • Ramsey is schedule to be released in July, 2020.

How You Can Support Ramsey Now

There are many ways you can support Ramsey during the remaining months of his incarceration.

  • Help us amplify these incidents of abuse by sharing them from our support page with your community!
  • Write Ramsey and let him know you got his back!
  • We periodically fundraise for Ramsey's commissary, phones calls packages and visits. If you got it you can always donate to Ramsey's Paypal using OfficialRamseyOrta@gmail.com
  • Ramsey also has a welcome home fund you can contribute to if you'd like.

How You Can SUpport with Ramsey's Release

Ramsey is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2020. Ramsey has a lot of things he is doing and wants to do when he is released.

  • He wants to give back to NYC through Trainings and supporting others.
  • Ramsey wants to publish books
  • Produce documentaries and movies.
  • Work on prisoner rights issues.


  • We are looking for groups and people who need trainings. (Specifically in the New York area.
  • Investors for projects
  • Prison rights lawyers
  • Producers, Writers, Directors, Distributors.
  • If you wanna connect and have a need or something you can help us with, please fill out our Ramsey Orta Mutual Aide Form


For more information you can reach Ramsey Orta at OfficialRamseyOrta@gmail.com or WeCopwatch@gmail.com