Collie Wyland phare

There was a howling collie, some fuzzy slippers, and a banana peel

First, the collie ran down the hall. Second, the fuzzy slippers where scooped into its mouth. Third, the banana peel was left out to rot.

The strong, firm collie grabbed the fuzzy slippers.

No, they where not initially ripped apart.

Under the table, the collie raced around the room.

Running fast, the collie had a heart attack.

The collie, after having a radical time, was tired.

John, where are my fuzzy slippers.

This is john

The fuzzy slippers, which are blue, are in the collies mouth.

Jim responded “Get them.”

This is jim

The collie seems to be excited, or maybe its just happy

Jim, the hairy one, tried to chase the collie

The banana peel caused him pain on April 20, 2016

The emergency room in Houston, Texas was called

‘Dear John,’ he wrote

Inside the clinic the, dog was put down


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