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I am 19 years old that loves to try new food, explore new places with my boyfreind and spend my afternoons with my puppy, Rosie Lee-Anne. This semester I was afraid of all the work that I was going to be assigned to do from all my classes. I was also nervous of meeting new people but as time passed, I found this semester exciting and fun. English class has honestly been my favorite because everyone in there talks to each other so it's not awkward. Some of my morning classes, like math, I really don't like because it's too early and it's hard to pay attention because I'm sleepy most of the time. In my psychology class for example, it's so boring because the class doesn't have you interact with others, it's simply a lecture and notes, nothing else. In my History class I've found it easy because I am good at listening and remembering stories. In the future I plan to transfer into the University of Houston and major in Civil Engineering. I am aware that it will be a difficult journey, I am ready to take on the challenge. Once I graduate, I plan to take year off to relax from school and spend more time traveling and being with my family.



I chose to analyze Michele Obama's speech. I made sure to write notes and thoughts as I was reading the text.


The instructor handed out helpful templates, answered student's questions and presented power points that covered information on how to achieve a successful analysis.


My essay drafts would later be corrected by adding new ideas and information to finally complete the Final Essay.


Classmate feedback:

Instructor feedback:

The peer review was definitely a big guidance because I was able to correct major mistakes and other grammatical issues and see if I was going in the right track.


Final Rhetorical Essay.

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