Awesome Journey YWAM KOna

New year started not as I expected, as you know I was planning to go for a mission trip to Japan as part of my outreach with school of worship but I was refused for a visa several times and as I prayed and talked to my leaders we decided that best option would be staffing Kona Prayer Room and do my outreach here. I know that God has prepared something amazing for this season, and he is leading me through it all. We have a team of 18 people that are a part of this ministry and movement here in Kona

I had a great opportunity and blessing to visit may relatives and different places while waiting for answer from the embassy. They took me around different places on the Oahu island, visited Pearl Harbor and different museums there, got a chance to see a Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology and visit their facilities on Coconut Island. It was an amazing time that God gave me to rest and get more strength for next season.

On my way back, me and one other student got late on our flight back to Kona, those where interesting few hours of trying to get in touch with our leaders without any wifi in the airport, but miraculously everything worked out perfectly, and we received a message that our tickets where changed in few minutes before last flight to Kona on that day, so we didn't need to stay overnight in Honolulu. January quarter started amazing, one of my friends from Ukraine came here to do a DTS and Jesus is doing great changes in me and around right now.

Main reason why God let me to stay here is to fill me up with spirit and heart for worship leading and Prayer Room movement. I feel that it is more than important to have worship and prayer as two non separable things. That our main key in everything is knowing God first and following what he tells us. by giving our best and committing to pursue him. The experience and idea of this ministry will greatly impact our ministries and lives. This is what I want to bring back to Eastern Europe, to see people and churches being transformed and awakening through prayer and worship, to see new songs and music coming out from spontaneous worship and worshiping and singing through bible. Releasing more of what God have poured in us and giving this atmosphere in Ukraine and all around. Helping new and growing worship leaders and bands to be able to train and grow in what they are called to do, and not being tied by what people think, but truly following Holly Spirit.

More information on what we do here and what is Kona Prayer Room is here

I'm staffing here until April, then my Discipleship Bible School school starts, and I will be studying until June. still don't know what to do in Summer because my next course starts only in September. But i believe that God prepared more to learn and see.

Thank you for reading and being a part of my journey.


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