Good Life Tour of the Harn By: nick hallman

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

Seeing "Nadia in Sharp Profile" in person really allowed me to appreciate its beauty. At first glance, it looks like a very basic drawing of a face, consisting of very few lines or details. When viewed in person, however, the true beauty of the artwork is revealed. Only in person can one truly appreciate how something as simple as a thick black line can create something as complex as a face. Not only that, the painting itself is very basic in nature, yet the women appears very beautiful. It's incredible that a women's beauty can be depicted in such a simple painting. It is only possible to truly appreciate it like this when viewing the artwork in person. The artwork made me feel an attraction to the women in the painting, yet the women looks almost cartoon like.

Design of the Museum

One of the exhibits that I found particularly appealing was the Latin American indigenous people section. The layout of art work and use of space worked in line with the cultural customs of that time. For example, in the center of the exhibit is the costume of a high ranking man that was worn during religious ceremonies. During these ceremonies everyone in the tribe would gather around the man who stood in the middle wearing the costume and performing ritualistic practices. Similarly, the art work in the museum is centered around the costume which is placed in the middle of the exhibit. This congruency from artwork to ritualistic costumes made me truly appreciate these customs for what they were worth.

Art and Core Values

In the picture "Three girls holding hands" one of my most important core values is shown, which is interpersonal relationships. I believe it is very important to have strong relationships with people. In the picture we see 3 very young girls holding hands. These girls also look alike which makes me question if they are family. Something very important that this picture portrays to me is the fact that love and caring for one another knows no age. It is clear just by looking at the picture that these girls definitely care for one another at a high level. This artwork truly makes me appreciate having someone who cares for me just as much as I care for them.

Art and the Good Life

"Casita al Mar," which translates to "little house by the sea" conveys the Good Life theme that one must stop chasing the good life and allow him to find it unintentionally. In this painting, we see a house separated from any societal interaction on the beach. Overall, the general mood of the house is very relaxed. In order to find the good life, one must go at it with a very relaxed approach. Additionally,you able to see right through the house and view the ocean on the other side. This translates to transparency. One must remain very open in his quest for the good life. The house is about as basic as houses come. In relating this to the good life, one must not over complicate his journey and make sure he is always in control.

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