Developing Personal and Organisational Resilience 16th February 2017 - Blue cohort

Six months in to our Darzi Fellowship, and in the wake of the January blues, the resilience workshop could not have come soon enough! With Spring in the air, we welcomed two new faces to our Darzi family: Jane and Jim.

We started the day by sharing examples of resilience, both personal and professional. One moving example was that of Tom Ray, whose personal story of overcoming the life-changing consequences of septicaemia was truly inspiring.

We then moved on to the nitty gritty of what our understanding of the word resilience is. Suggestions from around the room included:

'Looking after number one'

'Being honest with yourself'


'Having the tools to get yourself out of the trough'

'Self compassion'

The next task involved charting our adult lives in terms of positives and negatives, to identify to ourselves where we had demonstrated resilience

What gets in the way of self care?

If we don't value ourselves, how can we expect others to value us?

If we can't respect ourselves enough to pee on time, how can we expect others to respect us?

When was the last time YOU pee'd on time?

Resilience can also be about having a productive working environment, so we were given the opportunity to escape the classroom to practice our active listening skills and the art of powerful questions. We roamed south London in pairs, taking it in turns to talk about an area we felt personal resilience might be useful.

To get ourselves in the right frame of mind for the afternoon, we had a bit of a stretch, followed by considering 'how is my resilience' and a think about how we were feeling, both physically and mentally.

We learned that we need to maintain a steady foundation if we are going to deal with the knocks that may come our way...

...and there are tools that we can use to MOT our lives, considering the areas of life that are important to us, and that there are strategies we can use to build our resilience to help us survive when life becomes challenging.

We finished the day by thinking about what we might include in our individual self-care plans...

...and sharing with the group what commitment we were each going to make to our well-being. Once said aloud, there's no backing out!

A Spark report by Gemma2 and Wendy

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