Of Mice & Men Essay By: Ema finegan

True friendship can have many multiple meanings according to different people. In an article called, “Friendship in an Age of Economics,” by Todd May’s, Todd has his own definition of true friendship. The article talks about Todd Mays and his view on Aristotle’s opinion of friendship. He believes that there are three different types of friendships. The three types of friendships are defined as friends for pleasure, usefulness, and true friendship. In the article Mays says, “In our lives, however, few of us have entirely forgotten about the third - true friendship.” This shows that he believes that everyone nowadays has friendships with pleasure and usefulness instead of true friendships.

I personally agree with Todd’s opinion on true friendship. Most people use friendships for pleasure and usefulness. Everyone uses each other to get the things that they want or things that they may possibly need. Our generation focuses merely what they need and what another person does for you. In general, people don’t even try to get to know a person and actually learn to care about another person. I do believe that true friendships exist, even though they are rare I do believe in true friendship.

Lennie and George portray the perfect definition of a true friendship. George doesn’t gain anything from keeping Lennie around and taking care of him like he is George’s kid. In the first chapter, George even says that he doesn’t have to keep Lennie around because Lennie doesn’t do anything for him. George says that if he didn’t have Lennie around he could take his fifty dollars at the end of the month and go into town and waste it on booze and hookers. He stays around and takes care of Lennie because he loves him and wants to make sure he is okay, so even though he can leave Lennie he doesn’t.

Even though George and Lennie care about each other dearly, George had to make a very hard decision by the end of the book. Lennie made a mistake and killed someone and George had to make the decision to kill Lennie. George shot Lennie because he didn’t want Lennie to get tortured or killed in an inhumane way. There were already people out looking for Lennie to shoot and kill him but George beat the other people to it. He did it because he didn't want Lennie to suffer.

True friendship in our society today is such a hard thing to find and keep. People in our world today are so focused on their devices that they don't care about having a real friend. Now that the world has texting and technology no one really cares about having true friends. Loyalty has a huge role in today’s generation, but it is so hard to find someone who is actually loyal. Nowadays people will be your friend to your face and talk about you on social media behind your back. People feed off of reaction instead of actually trying to care about the other person, no one really cares about anyone anymore the way George and Lennie cared about each other.

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