What's In A Name? About Me Acrostic Poem

Every name has a meaning! Many of us may have been named after our parents, a relative, a historical person or a character from literature. Now's your opportunity to give meaning to your name. Your assignment is to use Adobe Spark Post to create an acrostic poem of your name. What is an acrostic poem? Read the definition of an acrostic poem, then proceed to the next section.

a·cros·tic - a poem, word puzzle, or other composition in which certain letters in each line form a word or words.
You're going to create an acrostic poem using each letter of your first name. See the example in this section for the name "Darius". You can also add your middle name if you would like to.
Now it's your turn. Find your favorite picture of yourself (you may need your parents' help for this) and create your own acrostic poem.
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Claudio Zavala


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