What is it?

Shredded dry leaves of the Cannabis plant makes marijuana which is a greenish-gray mixture. The earliest evidence of marijuana was found in China. Chinese used this drug to relieve pain and anxiety. The plant can either grow naturally or someone can control its growth. Either way it needs sufficient water, light, and food to grow.

How is it used?

The most common way is to roll the substance into joints or hollow out cigars and replace the tobacco with marijuana to compose blunts. In addition to that, marijuana is also used in baked foods such as brownies, cookies, and other sweets (edibles).

Facts about usage

Teens are more likely to use marijuana than adults which causes a higher rate of addiction. The smoke from which the users breathe contains more than 50% cancer-causing ingredients than tobacco smoke.

Street Names

Weed, Pot, Grass, Dope, Mary Jane, Hash, Puff

Risk of addiction and long-term effects

People who begin using marijuana during their teenage years are 4 times more likely than adults to develop problem use. Marijuana also affects brain development. When marijuana users begin using as teens, the drug may reduce thinking, memory, and learning functions.

Common effects and risks

It causes many effects like hallucinations, organ damage, and increase in blood pressure. In addition, a user may experience shallow breathing and red eyes with dilated pupils. A major risk to consider is that anyone can become addicted to this drug even if it interferes his or her life.

Interesting fact 1

Marijuana is beneficial to absorb radiation from the environment. Ukrainian officials planted it in Chernobyl which helped to remove radiation from the soil..

Interesting fact 2

The US government used marijuana to access information from the detainees who were unwilling to speak unless given this drug . It was mixed with other powerful drugs in a needle and injected into the detainees.

Interesting fact 3

Marijuana can make it difficult driving a car because it causes short-term memory loss and hinders coordination. Its known as impaired driving for driving under the influence of drugs.

Interesting fact 4

One joint is composed of an average of about four hundred chemcials

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