Tooth Pick Bridges Tooth pick bridges that are ready for testing.

Students have a certain number of tooth picks that they have to use to design a detailed bridge that has to hold a lot of weight.

Students come up with many different design to make there bridges stand up.This type of project tests students skill work.

Students go through a series of test to see if the bridge will make it to the fun fest. Once they get there they compete against people from all over Moore county.

Bottle Rockets

Children getting ready to launch the bottle rocket.

Students use many different techniques to build a bottle rocket that will launch up high in the air and stay up there for a long period of time. Students have three launches and in between every launch students have one day to make changes that will make there bottle rocket better.

Always use deal problem solving when you go back to fix or do something else to your Bottle rocket. People can work with groups of two and have a chance to go to the fun fest or you can work alone and go to the fun fest.

To build a Bottle rocket you can make your own design or use the teachers design and make a couple changes to that. The most important thing in building a Bottle Rocket to even out the weight and make sure the fins are on evenly.

A man dropping a egg and children are standing around him.

To start the egg drop students get one raw egg and get to use the tools that are given or they get tools from home and find a way to put the egg inside the stuff and keep it protected when it falls. Sometimes it can be very hard to find a way to protect your egg.

When they test the egg for the egg drop they drop the egg from many different heights and slowly move upward till there's on remaining egg. The way to win is to keep your egg intact from the highest height.

People can team up and be in different groups for example like a whole classroom could be in one group and all go to fun fest together.

Students will test their skills and cut up wood in all different shapes and sizes to make their wooden airplane stay in the air longest. The way to get the airplane to stay in the air you have to have the wings even and cut to the same size and shape.

Students airplanes are launched using a rubber band propeller but the weight of the rubber band propeller doesn't count for the weight limit. The weight limit is 10 grams it can not be under, only 10 grams and higher.

Fun Fest activity.

Students come to Fun fest to test their knowledge and skills of what they know by participating in activities like the egg drop, bottle rocket launch, wooden airplane, movie making, and so much more. Students come in teams, partners, or alone.

Students do this by there self and teachers will watch so they can use there own knowledge.Students may come just to watch but most of them come to compete.

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