Pop the collar of the polo shirt: The 80s guide to wear polo!

Interpreting the 80s fashion either involves being a power packed authority or about being a rebellious youngster. There was no in-between! And if there was a need to look preppy, then polo shirts were the go-to cloth. With the 80s back on the runways with an undeniable force, it is time to explore the polo shirt trend and how you can wear them in the contemporary world, with a panache unaltered.

Looking past their versatility, the polo shirts were first worn by the tennis players for their ability to provide utmost comfort. But their casual approach did not go unnoticed by fashion enthusiasts and soon they made their way into the coveted fashion circuit. Since then, they have undergone many changes, some great and some not so much.

This time around when they were introduced, and the excesses were very smartly removed. The end result is still as magnificent as the ones that existed during the 80s. So to help you recreate the charm of the 80s effortlessly, without going for a flashy finish, here is a comprehensive guide.

#Guide 1: Wear it with a pair of jeans

Polo tee shirt wholesale distributors have designed the latest editions of polo to catch with the contemporary whirlwind. This means that there is a little sassiness added to their already ubiquitous casual appearance. Thus, when wear a nifty polo with a pair of jeans and loafers, the appearance is enough to win hearts. You can throw over a blazer to give it a cool and breezy finish. this is a look that complies with the less is more deal.

#Guide 2: Opt for sober colours

There was a time when bright and vibrant colours on polo were extremely popular but we all know how that ended. So this time around, sticking to the original form of polo, subtle colours like white, navy, yellow and nude. They look elegant and sophisticated. Whether wearing them for a formal occasion or a casual setting, these classically designed polo t-shirts featuring eye-soothing colours are definitely a noteworthy addition to the wardrobe. Also, they look very inspired by the 80s.

#Guide 3: No added accessories required!

Polo y-shirts have gone on to become a timeless fashion piece. The reasons are many but one that stands out is definitely their ability to create a character by themselves. Thus, no added accessories are required to make it dramatic. A simple approach is what makes them worthwhile and let it be so! Polo t-shirt wholesale as accessible with many renowned manufacturers have designed them so as to help them reach the epitome of their career.

Follow these tips and you will be recreating the perfect 80s style with the equal panache yet undeniable modernism to complement. Prominent wholesale polo shirts manufacturers have the best of polo in a vast inventory that can be accessed by retailers who are looking to make a bulk purchase at discounted rates.

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