Hermes Heights Where your JOURNEY AWAITS

Dinner in the sky, The Athens Gate Hotel view of the Parthenon (top), The Parthenon, a Greek traditional breakfast (bottom)

Day 1


You will arrive at the Athens International airport. You might notice the great weather because you have arrived during the nicest time of the year. After you get there you will take a ride through Athens be ready to get out a camera too document the beautiful landscape you have just arrived in. the beast hotel to go too in Athens Greece is the Athens gate hotel because if you are lucky you will get a beautiful view of the Parthenon and some of the other Greek landmarks. When you get to the hotel you will check in, unpack, rest and eat breakfast. For breakfast we recommend to get marmalade, yogurts, and pastries. These are some of Greece's traditional breakfast items. Later when you are all ready, you will have free time. We highly suggest that you go to the museum on the hill of Acropolis, to learn about more of Athens landmark which you should have time to visit later! Then if you are hungry it will be time for lunch why not try going to Ydria cafe. This place is very close to the Parthenon and it is good for kids, outdoor seating, WI-FI, and live music too! After that it is time to go to the landmark of the day where your tour guides will share interesting info about the marvelous landmark called the Parthenon. Finally it is dinner time, we very much recommend going to the five star rated Dinner in the sky. It is handicap accessible, and has rooftop dinning. Also the best thing in Dinner in the sky is the view worth every penny. After that amazing dinner experience you will go back to the hotel. Make sure you get good rest for another day of fun tomorrow!!!

Day 2

Get your summer clothes and walking shoes on because today we will be going on an adventure to Athens. In the morning, you can go get breakfast downtown, and maybe try a delicious egg and cheese pastry known as Tyropita. After you get a yummy breakfast, you can explore the city of Athens; we suggest you check out some shopping areas or you can look at some historical sites. Or maybe if you are feeling tired, you could take a steam bath in the city center. When you're done exploring, you can go to one of the many traditional Greek restaurants for lunch. After lunch, we will take a luxurious cab to the Acropolis; where a tour guide will tell you about its amazing history! This will take about an hour. While you are waiting for your cab you can look at the beautiful sunset that looms over the city of Athens. You will take a cab to a restaurant called Cave of Acropolis, we already made a reservation at 8:30 pm they have live, family friendly music. After you eat dinner you will take a cab back to Athens Gate hotel and get a good rest for the next adventure!

Day 3

On day 3 you will take a cab the place were the Olympics started. You will see the temple of Zeus and the Olympia stadiums were the sports took place. Next you will ride in the cab back to Athens and you will see the Temple of Zeus is where one of the 7 wonders of the world called the Statue of Zeus once stood made of gold and ivory and where ancient Greeks once worshiped Zeus. After that you will eat at one of the finest restaurant in Athens, called the ''Liondi''. I would recommend octopus a favorite dish. Every dish at Liondi is between 6 to 23 dollars per person and has a 1042 out of 1798 had excellent time.

Day 4


In the morning, there are a lot of things you could do, such as, go to a bakery to a fancy restaurant. There is also a Aegeon beach that you can spend most of your day to lay down and relax. If your not really a beach person, there are many other sights/things to do like go to a park or you could go camping for a day. There are many fun things to do. For lunch, you can go to Merida seafood restaurant but if your not into seafood, then you can go to Lilas restaurant, its family friendly. If you don't like this, you can do to any of these, Spondi Restaurant, Hytra, Melitini Aleria Restaurant. After you eat you can go to the the Temple of Poseidon. At the Temple of Poseidon, you can take a tour. This tour will tell you the history and and some cool facts that are from the Temple of Poseidon. After your tour you can go back to the beach for the sunset or you can stay at the temple of Poseidon to watch the sunset off cliff after the sunset, you will go back to any restaurant and can try moussaka, this is a original Greece dish. You will Probably be tired so you will want to make your way back to your hotel and start packing to the long trip ahead of you.


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