The Living Legacy of Activism on Campus Anita DeWitt '17 + Bailey Dann '17 + Rachel Aaronson '17


Grinnell in the 60s


Student + Administration Relationship

Banned yearbook from the students rebelling against “in loco parentis”



Students protested a presentation by playboy on campus

Five students were charged with indecent exposure

Grinnell in the 70s



“Last month of classes was spent in discussions, protests, and meetings”

Infamous cancelling of graduation


Addressing Race Relations

Members of CBS chained the doors to Burling Library and locked themselves inside from 7:15 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.

10 demands including increased black student enrollment to “no less than 200”, establishing a larger black cultural center, a black library in Burling, and a black studies major

Grinnell in the 80s


Divest : South Africa

In 1985 the college divested 9 million dollars from companies that did business in South Africa in response to student protests

According to the New York Times, by May 1986 Grinnell had divested entirely from South Africa


Addressing Gender Equality : The Creation of the Stonewall Resource Center

In response to vandalism students protested for the protection of queer students

Resulting in the Stonewall Resource Center



Community Advisor contract changes

Traveled to Ferguson and Standing Rock

Free Tampon Initiative

Rebekah Rennick ‘17 tampered with tampon dispensers

November 2016 Cosmopolitan article

Addressing Race Relations

Occupy 8th : Black + Brown Bodies Take Space

Campus Climate Solidarity : Call to Action

Grinnell College Student Action

Two campaigns : divest + living wage

Part of a national student action movement

Actions in Des Moines + Chicago

Grinnell Students Against Sweatshops (GSAS)

Pressured hold on GC purchasing Nike products for 1 year

Part of the national campaign United Students Against Sweatshops

Union of Grinnell Student Dining Workers

Received $9.25 from $8.10 and can earn up to $10/hour

Nation’s first Undergraduate Union

Dissenting Voices

Mobilize around Title IX related issues

Fundraising for SANE

Huffington Post Article

Thank you.

Student Government Association, Spring 2017

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