Lord of the Flies William Golding


When an airplane full of young boys trying to escape war crashes leaving them stranded on an island, they have no idea what to do, they are left to learn how to survive on their own.

the boys are stranded on an island in the pacific. The island has jungles, beaches, and mountains.


  • Jack is one of the main leaders in the book, yet he doesn't lead for the right reasons. He loves power mainly because he gets to show his dominance over the other boys.
  • Piggy is very smart, yet he is very weak. He suffers from obesity and asthma, which he makes very clear throughout the novel. Piggy tries to direct and criticize the boys, but does not participate himself. Because of this, the boys bully him and eventually abuse him.
  • Ralph is a natural born leader. Like Jack, Ralph likes to be in charge. Ralph is the strongest boy on the island and because of this, at one point in the book, he is the leader of everyone on the island. At first, he wants to get off of the island as soon as possible while the other boys are enjoying the freedom of parent-free lives.
  • Samneric are identical twins that do everything together. The boys begin combine their names because they do everything together. The twins aren't very worried that they are alone on the island, yet have a fear of Ralph and Piggy.


  1. A plane carrying young boys crashes on a deserted tropical island.
  2. Piggy and Ralph find the conch on near the waters, and when Ralph blows it all of the boys that were on the plane come to where he is because they hear the sound.
  3. Ralph is elected as the chief and Jack is elected as the leader of the choirboys.
  4. Ralph suggests they make a fire to help signal others if they came looking for the crashed plane.
  5. The boys form hunting groups which explore the island for the beast.
  6. Simon tells Jack about a dream he had involving the a dead parachutist, but they kill him because they think he is the beast.
  7. Jack and his crew steal Piggy's glasses.
  8. At a meeting, Roger releases a boulder and kills Piggy.
  9. When Ralph tries to hide from Jack and his crew, they set the whole island on fire.
  10. Ralph escapes the fires, and sees a rescue plane above him.
  11. Ralph cries because he is rescued.
Though most of the boys don't fear being alone on the island, there is a beast lurking in the forest that they all fear.


The overall theme in the book, in civilization vs. savagery. In the book, this theme is seen many times in the two characters, Ralph and Jack. Ralph is the most civilized out of the two boys, while Jack is more of a savage. Both boys are leaders, yet both lead in very different ways. Ralph is the type of leader who is more reasonable. From the beginning of the book, he tries to establish order to all of the madness on the island. Jack on the other hand is the type of leader that only wants to be in charge of everybody else and have control over them, so when Jack gains power over his group of boys he insists that they do everything he tells them to do and he is the only person that they should listen to. Another example of this theme in the book is Jack again. When Jack behaves and follows the rules, he is civilized but when he hunts and wants power over everything and everyone, he becomes a savage. So in this example is more civilization verses savagery inside Jack.

the conch symbolizes power and order, and fear.

At the beginning of the story, the boys find a conch on the beach. The conch is used to call assemblies and at those assemblies, you could only talk if you had the conch.

the fire symbolizes rescue and destruction.

At first, the fire that the boys start symbolizes hope. The boys start the fire at the top of a mountain, hoping that they could signal some form of rescue to come save them. As the story continues though, it starts to symbolize destruction and savagery.

Piggys glasses symbolize modern technlolgy and innovation.

Piggy's glasses symbolize modern technology and innovation. At this time, not everyone had glasses, this sets animals and humans apart at this time. The glasses also show that society is shaped by human need.



Created with images by LoboStudioHamburg - "scotland highlands and islands landscape" • micronova - "Forest Of Dean" • PDPics - "conch shell sea shell" • fireflythegreat - "fire" "boys" https://www.google.com/search?q=lord+of+the+flies+images&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiEqtbs-8fTAhUI6IMKHZI-DfkQ_AUICigB&biw=1366&bih=638&safe=active&ssui=on#imgrc=d1-4zZUl1DCPhM: "glasses" http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ulNh3Zi8aWc/TwZ7zLl-3FI/AAAAAAAAAJY/_pEm6-E7zq4/s1600/broken_eyeglasses.jpg "cast" https://intotheflies.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/characters.jpg

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