The organization our trip was through was Healing Haiti! This organization is all about leveraging resources to help haitian families break the cycle of poverty. They organize short-term missions trips that help bring fresh water to Cite Soleil, visit the elderly and abandoned children. All of these are opportunities to show the love of Christ while helping others. Another large part of Healing Haiti was their passion for job creation. This aspect will help lead to breaking the cycle of poverty in Haiti. To learn more about this organization check them out on facebook or at their website, http://healinghaiti.org.

Business as Missions

Our main purpose for this trip to Haiti was to see different businesses in Port au Prince.Each business we went to would show us all of the workers and the process it takes to make the product. Papillon was the largest business we visited. This particular company made clay jewelry, pottery, t-shits, dolls and many other things. The story behind this business is really neat, you should check it out if you have a chance! http://papillon-enterprise.com

One of the greatest aspects of visiting businesses was to hear employees perspectives. Each employee was so grateful to have a job, and they all took such pride in their work. Having a job allows them to send their kids to provide for their families, such as sending their kids to school. It is a privilege to have a job in Haiti, and they are thrilled to work. The unemployment rate is currently around 70%. All of the businesses we visited were very passionate about job creation, and helping Haitians help themselves.

Grace Village

Healing Haiti owns this property which contains Children's homes and a school. Unlike traditional orphanages, these Children's homes give the kids a place to call home and a family that is their own. The currently have about 60 kids living in Grace village.

The school teaches grades k-13. They are growing and have about 400 students currently. The receive a meal every day and have a lot of room to run and play!

Cite Soleil

Cite Soleil is the poorest city in Haiti, and the poorest slum in the western hemisphere. This is home to about 1/2 million people, and is 8.5 square miles in size.

A water truck holds 3,000 gallons of water and only cost $5 to fill up. We took 3 trips a day into Cite Soleil, both days that we went, to distribute water to locals. By our last trip to this station they let us stand under the gushing water!

Besides the water, we were the most exciting thing that day! We helped carry buckets upon buckets of water to houses and loved on the kids all around.

When we weren't carrying buckets we were holding kids. These kids were in our arms from the moment we got out of the tap tap! Their beautiful smiles could brighten any day. I loved getting to hold and play with these sweet children.

Another great opportunity we had was to serve 4 of the elderly supported by Healing Haiti, in Titanyen. We washed their feet, put lotion on their arms and legs, and gave them a massage. Some of the women wanted their toes painted, which I LOVED! We prayed over them and sang them a couple worship songs. They also received a meal. What a blessing it was to serve these elders in this way.

These are just a few highlights from our trip. There were many other things that we got to see and do, but this is an overview of the big things we did. To find out more information about the organization we went with visit to their website, http://healinghaiti.org.

If you would like to check out some of the businesses we went to here are the links to their websites:

  • https://deuxmains.com
  • http://haitidesigncoop.org
  • http://www.peacecycle.com
  • http://papillon-enterprise.com
  • https://www.facebook.com/FleriBoulanje/

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