Marissa Kemen Bring it Home - Madison, Minnesota

“Ultimately I moved back to the Madison area to open my business, but it is always somewhere I wanted to move back to solely because it is where I truly feel like I am home.”

Marissa Kemen is a lifelong Madison resident, business owner, and community enthusiast. As she grew up in town, she knew Madison would be her forever home. She recalls being able to run around town with her friends in the streets and feeling completely safe knowing everyone in the community was watching out for one another. That feeling was one she knew would be hard to find anywhere else. So after living in Alexandria for a few years while she went to college, she moved back to Madison, planted roots, and started her own business.

Marissa owns MoJo’s Boutique, a “one-stop-shop” in town offering clothing, accessories, shoes, home décor, tuxedo rental, and screen print and embroidery. Her goal when creating her own business was to fill a void in Madison and offer citizens a place to go shop without having to drive an hour away.

Marissa’s dream of owning her own business came to be when she was a little girl, and she always knew Madison was the place she wanted to make that dream come true. In turn, the community has embraced MoJo’s and have been extremely supportive over the past eight years.

While Madison has been a great home for her professional life, Marissa is also grateful for the balance it offers her outside of work. She appreciates the “sense of calmness” that comes with small town living, but also is grateful for the many events and activities the community has to offer. One of her favorite things to do is to enjoy a bonfire in her backyard on a summer night.

“I love how in a small town you can sit outside and just hear nothing but calmness and quiet. You may have the neighbors walk over and join you, you may hear the neighborhood kids playing night games like we used to do as kids, or you may even have the local law enforcement stop by and toast a s’more with you. That is truly what living in a small town is to me.”

When is she is looking for a little more excitement, Marissa is always sure to attend the Lac qui Parle County Fair. She loves the “junk fair food,” seeing everyone gather for reunions, supporting the 4-H program, which she loved being a part of as a child, and just enjoying the fun with all her friends and neighbors.

There is no place Marissa would rather choose to live. She has it all in Madison—safety, peace of mind, family close by, and a community that wants to see you succeed.

“Home means lots of things to lots of people, but I see Madison in a light of everyone knowing your name, giving that friendly wave when you meet someone driving, and the place I for sure want to raise a family of my own one day.”

Madison, Minnesota - Welcomes you HOME!

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