Savin Rock Community School English Language / Bilingual Department


In total, there are 120 English learners, speaking 15 different languages.

25% of the students at Savin Rock are classified as English learners.

Over 100 students pass through the EL/Bilingual room everyday.


Alina Romero

Spanish Bilingual Teacher

Elizabeth Gambardella

TESOL Teacher

Shireen Girgis

Arabic Bilingual Tutor

Sol Rodriguez

Spanish Bilingual Tutor

Gaelle Frazer

French/Creole Bilingual Tutor

Overview of 2019-2020 Caseload

Languages Spoken

LAS Links

The LAS Links assessment is administered to English learners each year.

In order to exit EL/bilingual services, students must achieve a score of "proficient" or "advanced" in the areas of Reading, Writing, and Overall

In the 2018-2019 school year, the department exited 10 percent of the caseload.

2019 LAS Links Results

Scores range from 1 through 5:

LAS 1 (Beginning)

LAS 2 (Early Intermediate)

LAS 3 (Intermediate)

LAS 4 (Proficient)

LAS 5 (Above Proficient)

National Geographic Reach Curriculum

Science and social studies themes are heavily embedded