Igbo Tribe Politics/Medicine BY: Jonathan V. & Brayan D.

Igbo Medicine


  • In the Igbo tribe, certain people from the tribe playe the role of what we call a doctor present day and these people were known as Dibia.
  • Dibia, in their traditions, would use plants as well as spiritual ways for curing illnesses
  • When a Dibia uses the spiritual way of treating illnesses, they'd try to interact with their gods, asking them to heal the ill and then ask where the sickness came from (interactions with gods would be done by animal sacrifices)


During this time, Christian missionaries would arrive to this triba and use western medicines but that would not change the medical traditions of the Igbo tribe

Igbo Politics

Before Foreign Colonization

Pre-colonial Igbo tribe’s politics was arranged in mostly independent communities that had no head commander. While there were few towns that did include kings called Obis, and other towns such as Arochukwu and Nri, that had Ezes, or priest kings. The village of Igbo was ruled mostly by an assembly full of the common people.

Also, Even though there were such people that had certain titles. The never were treated as kings but definitely received special treatment. The Igbo’s secret societies also had a ceremonial script named Nsbidi. The tribe had their own calendar which consisted of a 4 day weeks, 7 week months, and 13 month years in which the last month had an extra day. They had a savings and loans bank named Isusu and also had their own mathematics which was called Okwe and Mkpisi. Law matters were settled by having an oath be taken to a god. If he died in an allotted time, he was considered guilty but if alive and guilty, the person would face exile or be a servant to a deity

After The Colonization

When the British had arrived on the 1870s and the the increasing amounts of contact between the Igbo and other Nigerians led to the Igbo Identity became far more distinct.

They were also very enthused in the assimilation of Christianity and Education of the west. It was then that the diversity in the larger ethnic groups slowly started to fade while the igbo’s diversity increased.

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