ART-"perhaps the first time her being was tempered to take an impress of the abiding truth." (Chopin 26)
SEA-"It muddled her like wine, or like a first breath of freedom." (Chopin 19)
SWIMMING -"A feeling of exultation overtook her, as if some power of significant import had been given her to control the working of her body and her soul. She grew daring and reckless, overestimating her strength." (Chopin 27)
PIGEON HOUSE- "The pigeon house pleased her. It at once assumed the intimate character of a home, while she herself invested it with a charm which it reflected like a warm glow." (Chopin 94)
MOON-"She turned her face seaward to gather in an impression of space and solitude, which the vast expanse of water, meeting and melting with the moonlit sky, conveyed to her excited fancy. As she swam she seemed to be reaching out for the unlimited in which to lose herself." (Chopin 28)


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