Race Highlights MAY 2018

May Race Weekend kicked off with the Andretti (B) 4-mile road course. There were large grids for both divisions during the weekend: 16 Light Sport Racers and 10 Sports Cars. It was great seeing so many LSR rookies competing with five on Friday and six on Saturday!

Patrick Liddy, Mark Rohrwasser, and Ron Fletcher all set new records on the Andretti (B) configuration. Liddy, who drove his Wolf SM Turbo, shaved off roughly 4 seconds from his previous record achieving an impressive 2:31.971; what an incredible improvement! Mark Rohrwasser in his Wolf SM put up a time of 2:41.331, 0.36 seconds ahead of the previous record holder Ron Eckhardt. In the Miata Division, Ron Fletcher beat Gregg Gorski’s 3:19.405 with a lap of 3:16.465. Congratulations to Patrick, Mark and Ron!

We want to offer a big welcome to our new member, Keim Tjong. Keim raced in the Miata Division on Saturday and finished in second place – Congratulations!

Spring Mountain was pleased to welcome U.S. Senator for Nevada, The Honorable Dean Heller. Senator Heller joined us on Friday for lunch and the duration of the race. He answered questions related to the Spring Mountain expansion and spoke of his passion for seeing John Morris’ vision succeed. We greatly appreciate Senator Heller taking time out of his busy schedule to visit with us.

June’s race will feature a new configuration, Fittipaldi (F). This new configuration utilizes Concord rather than the run to the Bowl. This little change is sure to make Slice even more challenging. Do you have what it takes to set the lap record?

Light Sport Racer


  • LSR1: 1st Patrick Liddy, 2nd Brandon Rambo and 3rd Denis O'Leary
  • LSR2: 1st Mark Rohrwasser and 2nd Jeffrey Cheng
  • LSR3: 1st Mitch Bishop and 2nd Greg Boehme
  • LSRR: 1st Jon Hirshberg, 2nd Jim Mason and 3rd Sean Mason


  • LSR1: 1st Patrick Liddy, 2nd Brandon Rambo and 3rd Denis O'Leary
  • LSR2: 1st Mark Rohrwasser
  • LSR3: 1st Ron Fletcher, 2nd Nick Kelly and 3rd Mitch Bishop
  • LSRR: 1st Jim Mason, 2nd Roc Capobianco and 3rd A.J. Miller



  • Miata: 1st Ron Fletcher, 2nd Rob Bonanno and 3rd Michael Lorenz
  • MX5: 1st Teddy Landau, 2nd Mark Saroyan and 3rd Peter Oh


  • Miata: 1st Craig Kember, 2nd Kiem Tjong and 3rd Michael Lorenz
  • MX5: 1st Teddy Landau, 2nd Peter Oh and 3rd Mark Saroyan


Friday: 1st Cam Lancaster, 2nd Mike Dean and 3rd Dana Blackhurst

Saturday: 1st Jack Fried, 2nd Mike Dean and 3rd Cam Lancaster

Next Race Weekend

Thank you all for coming out for May Race Weekend. Our June Race Weekend is only a week away on June 8/9. Be sure to join us to set your Personal Record (PR) on the 3.4-mile Fittipaldi (F). Don’t forget, Lake Spring Mountain is now officially open for the season. On Friday we are offering big discounts on hydro flights so be sure to spend some time at the Lake during your weekend!

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