A Discipleship Journey From Fishing to Fishers

This month, allow me to share a Victorious story.

This is Carl Jonnen Villanueva, or Jon for short. He's a Senior High student of Silliman University.

I fist met him earlier this school year as we were roaming around the university and fishing for students to invite to the Senior High Night, an engaging event to cater in the newest hybrid of students.

JON, smiling innocently at the right-most

He was with his newly met classmates at that time as well! And as clearly as I remember, they attended the said service and we got to engage them!

I then invited Jon and his friends, Julmar and Louie to be in a Victory Group, an avenue to talk share our lives with one another and see how JESUS has been moving in them.

Our second VG, we forgot to take a photo of the first one! :D

Jon grew even more passionate with knowing Christ as each week passed by! He then started serving at church as one of our faithful ushers. He regularly attended our Youth and Sunday services. I was really amazed how he was so hungry to know more of who CHRIST is!

I then invited JON to undergo One2One with me. Excitedly, he said YES! And then and there I knew, he really was hungry to grow.

Our very first One2one session.

For seven weeks, we met with one another and discussed the basic foundational beliefs of a Christian and what it truly means. He was truly patient enough to learn things of the eternal, and unlearn things of this world.

Finally, just this weekend (November 26-27, 2016), he finally attended that Victory Weekend! It is a two-day retreat that helps one strengthen and deepen his/her relationship with Christ!

VICTORY WEEKEND, November 2016

Indeed, Jon learned a lot during the retreat: who he really is, what JESUS has done for him on the cross, the promises He has given, and most of all, how he is to respond!

Enjoying while learning the Victory Weekend sessions!

He now enjoys the freedom from the bondage of the old life and the sins of the past!

The NEW has come, the OLD has passed away!

Now, he is so pumped up and empowered to share the gospel to his friends, classmates, and even his family!

The VW participants! ;)
Celebrating his victory, the start of living life to the full! :)

This is a typical story of the students that we reach out in the campuses! Jon is just one of the many that needs to hear the Word of God. His salvation has been a thing to celebrate for, but there are still thousands of souls out there! Some are still in hopelessness and have suicidal tendencies. Many more are in addiction, trying out different things to simply belong and find approval. The rest are simply ignorant of the love, inheritance, and promises that GOD has for them.

That is why we would never stop! I, together with your partnership, would personally offer my life to seek for them and reach them out.


I am gladly looking forward to many more years of partnership with you in bringing more souls Jesus; changing our nation, one student, one campus at a time! Together, let's continue to honor GOD, and make DISCIPLES for Jesus! To GOD be the glory! ☺

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