Pop Art Journal

March 10th I made sketches that were enlarged versions of my original 6. I am having a little trouble with the proportions. I don't like how my enlarged sketches look, they don't look right.

March 20: Last class I started to colour one of my enlarged sketches. My colours are some what limited though. I don't like making these sketches larger as they seem to be less proportionate than the original sketches. I am worried about how the even bigger sketch will look on my final.

March 22: Last class I started working on my cover. I am going to use markers and water colour as my mediums. I like how the image turned out. I am a little concerned for how it will look when I cut it and make the actual cover. I am excited for how the inside pages will, although my colours are a bit limited as Warhol only used red, blue, and yellow and sometimes silver.

March 24: Last class I finished adding the water colour to my cover. I started adding the silver as my background. It looks amazing and really makes the primary colours pop. I am really excited for the end result of this project.

March 28: Last class I finished my cover. I love the effect of the silver against the blue, red and yellow. I am a little worried about the size seeing as the size of the cover will be the size of the pages.

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