Epic hero Johnnessa muÑoz

One trait I think is good for a hero to have to be courageous be hero's are always courageous because they are always risking there own life just to keep someone else safe. This relates to the odyssey by him going on his journey going threw courses
Another traits that is important for a hero is being able to admit to his mistakes. I think this is important because a hero is good at admitting his mistakes when he knows he did wrong this relates to the odyssey by him wanting his wife back and fighting for her admitting all the things he has done wrong and tries everything he can to get her back.
Lastly another trait I think is important is risking everything they have got. Heroes will give anything up to keep someone safe I think this relates to the odyssey because he wants to protect his wife and he's doing anything he can to get her back and protect her
For my epic hero I chose Shrek. I chose him because I think the way his character is it really can relate to the odyssey.
He goes on a journey to go save the princess who he ends up falling in love with and he also finds new friends along the way of his journey. This relates because he's going Thea all these things while he's going to this journey just like the odyssey.
Shrek falls in love he gets married and eventually they have a family. He makes a mistake by saying "marring you was the worst mistake on my life" but he goes threw things and then realizes marring her and having a family was the best thing that could have happened to him and once he realizes that he regrets everything and tells her he's sorry and how much he loves her and wants her. This relates because in the odyssey he tells his wife how much he wants her back and he'll do anything for her.
He admits to when he's wrong and he does what he can to try to make it right . He does that because he's a hero he has a wife and kids that he needs to look out for just like the odyssey he looks out for what's important for him.
the odyssey is important because it shows and gives us a reality look on life showing us there are ways to be a hero and to not have such super powers you can do many things to be powerful for the people you truly love.
I think Shrek was a perfect relate to the odyssey because it shows all the things I think is important in having a hero like roll model and these are some things I think I really important to see in all people and to see these traits in people we love and look up too.

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