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English Adv. 2

I deeply regret some exams but I did it better the next time, I swear.
I have been working on myself in some new areas like for example, the writing of simple thoughts that can take to an amazing memories.
Sometimes I started to do my homework a little bit late but I have it all complete it in time.

At the same time I deeply

I would not believe that this is my last English Unit, it is amazing!
Is this the last time I will have classes with Michael Brown? Yes, maybe it is.
I really did have questions during the progress but now it is clear.
I wouldn´t use my phone on classes if I were another kind of person.
Students who pay attention on class are more optative to get better and highly grades.

Quite honestly sometimes it was turning difficult to understand a lot of things and to do it on the right way.

It is said that a lot of Tec´s students are with a great english level
I am not going to talk more about my english course because it is almost done
Nevertheless I am happy with the facts and topics I learned in this advance 2 level of English.


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